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Jehadi Bloodbath in Karnataka

Updated: September 22, 2017 1:35 pm

“It is bloodbath in Karnataka,” screamed the two-page strongly worded letter written by Shobha Karandlaje, MP and state general secretary of Karnataka BJP, to Rajnath Singh, Union Minister for Home, in which she graphically and poignantly explained in meticulous detail how RSS/BJP workers are being stabbed to death by the activists of Popular Front of India (PFI) in the communally-sensitive coastal district of Dakshina Kannada of Karnataka state.

With as many as 10 RSS/BJP and Hindu activists falling martyr to the ‘tamancha’ and ‘long swords’ used by the PFI workers and 12 more suffering grievous injuries due to murderous attack, it was quite natural for this iron lady – who hails from Puttur taluk in the same district – to take up the issue at the highest level and urge the MHA to bring the culprits to book. This demand became all the more inevitable for Shobha with the state Congress government headed by chief minister Siddaramaiah having a “clerical approach” to the “bloodbath” that had taken the lives of scores of youths in the age group of 22 to 31.

The modus operandi of the jehadi elements belonging to PFI and KFD (Karnataka Forum for Dignity) to kill RSS/BJP workers is simple.

As explained in graphic detail by Shobha in her letter – (i) two helmet-wearing bike-borne youths (always a black colour pulsar) follow the target; (ii) after some time two more bikes – black pulsar with youths wearing helmets – first slit the throat of their targets and then stab at three or four vantage places and escape; (iii) after some time the third-bike with two helmet-wearing youths pass through the spot of the crime only to make sure whether the victim is dead or not and whether any passer-by has observed the tragic incident.

“This has been the modus operandi of the PFI workers who have killed 10 of our workers and have seriously injured another 12 of them. In all, there have been 30 attacks with casualty numbering to 10 at the hands of sword-happy Jehadi forces,” Shobha said, in her exclusive conversation with Uday India.

Strangely, the police who are investigating these stab-cases give a quick response to by attributing the incident to local factors, financial disputes, family problems and love affair. However, when the National Investigating Agency (NIA) took over the murder of Rudresh, RSS/BJP worker, who was killed in broad daylight near the up-market Commercial Street immediately after the patha sanchalan (Rudresh was still in his sangh uniform when he died), it was established that the PFI workers were involved in this murder.

NIA arrested five youths, all office bearers of the PFI based in Bangalore and Hyderabad and during the course of enquiry, they revealed the modus operandi. The extent of nationwide network of the PFI and the diabolical intention they nurse came to light when the NIA got a tip off from UP and J & K police in the aftermath of the arrest of a terrorist and his over-ground supporter who were involved in the attack on CRPF camp in Uttar Pradesh.

It was after this break-through, the NIA swooped on the Hyderabad den of the PFI from where three were arrested. With the arrest of two more – one in Bangalore and another in Mysore – the circle was complete. “The PFI has a dangerous agenda. By killing RSS/BJP youths, they want a communal backlash with both Hindus and Muslims attacking & killing each other. But they have not been able to achieve success, thanks to the matured conduct and behaviour by both Hindus and Muslims,” Shobha Karandlaje explained.

What enraged the BJP in general and Shobha Karandlaje in particular was the refusal on the part of chief minister Siddaramaiah to visit the hospital in Mangalore where Sharath Madivala, a RSS worker was battling for his life after he was stabbed as many as 16 times on June 4. “The chief minister was in Mangalore on 6th. He could have visited Sharath, a dhobi by community. But the chief minister did not show his concern to a Backward Class youth. This proves the that Siddaramaiah’s concern to the poor and backward classes is fake,” Shobha lambasted.

Essentially, the PFI has targetted Dr Prabhakar Bhat, one of the very few strong pillars of the RSS who hails from Kalladka in Dakshina Kannada district. Seventy-five year old Kalladka Doctor – who is popularly known by this name – has survived many attempts on his life in the past. Surprisingly, more than fifty percent of the students of the Sri Rama School, run by Prabhakar Bhat, are Muslims. Yet, a few Muslim youths – radicalised by Wahabi brand of Islam, inspired and ideologically indoctrinated from Kerala – are targetting Dr Prabhakar Bhat.

“The sole aim in targetting Dr Prabhakar Bhat is to create communal tension and Hindu-Muslim backlash. By vitiating the atmosphere and driving a permanent wedge between Hindus and Muslims, the PFI wants to tell the Muslim world that followers of Islam are in danger amidst communal Hindus in India. This is their diabolical and nefarious design,” a top police officer of the rank of DIG told Uday India.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has not yet decided about ordering NIA enquiry into these killings as the state Congress government is dilly-dallying on the issue.

But the BJP is of the view that Siddaramaiah government will continue to drag its feet as the Congress is alleged to have soft corner towards these jehadi forces. And not without reason.

It may be recalled that B. Ramanath Rai, senior Congress leader and forest minister in Siddaramaiah cabinet was seen ordering the District SP “to arrest Prabhakar Bhat and slap case under Section 307” to bring the “communal forces” under control.

Shobha Karandlaje remarked, “Ramanath Rai does not have even an element of common sense on the issue of arrest. The Supreme Court has clearly and categorically said that it is the Investigating Officer (IO) who is the ultimate authority to decide whether the arrest is necessary or not. The Apex Court has also said that the arrest is one authority which is most abused and misused and hence utmost caution should be exercised before deciding to arrest somebody.”

Ramanath Rai’s instructions to district SP went viral that put the Congress government in dock. BJP was quick to exploit the Congress discomfiture. “When the cabinet minister asks the SP to arrest RSS leader, a demand made by the Muslim lobby, then we know who are all on which side,” Shobha Karandlaje said.

BJP President B.S. Yeddyurappa was more candid, critical and strident. “The Congress government headed by Siddaramaiah withdrew 42 cases filed by the BJP government against activists of KFD. This shows the minority appeasement and vote-bank politics of the Congress. The ruling party is playing a dangerous game,” BJP supremo said.

But Siddaramaiah is non-committal on this issue. “The BJP charge is baseless. I am also pained by the killing of RSS youths but to attribute the killings to Congress party is ridiculous. It is the Sangh Pariwar which first vitiated the atmosphere by playing communal games. The killings are being probed. We have made a headway in the probe pertaining to Sharath Madiwala. Law will take its own course,” he said.

But otherwise also, Siddaramaiah has a lot to answer with the state witnessing 11 political murders in state which is a telling comment on the state of law and order situation in the otherwise peaceful state of Karnataka.

As the election approaches, Dakshina Kannada district promises to provide a painful and poignant experiences with the intelligence report indicating that the PFI, KFD and SDPI have targeted many RSS workers in the next coming days.

By S. A. Hemantha Kumar from Bengaluru



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