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Jaya Calls The Shot

Updated: July 2, 2011 12:20 pm

With the Jayalalithaa’s emphatic victory in Tamil Nadu, the Congress has started its efforts to woo Jayalalithaa—newly elected Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. This was seen clearly recently, when she came to Delhi to meet the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The PMO not only sent a special vehicle to Tamil Nadu Bhavan to receive her, but also a new red carpet was unrolled to welcome her. However, this famous tactic of the Congress didn’t work as soon after meeting the PM, she discarded any possibility of an alliance with the Congress. Instead, she attacked the senior Congress leader and an important member of the cabinet P Chidambaram, accusing him of doing fraud in the election and demanded his resignation too. When asked, a senior Congress leader explained the warm welcome accorded to Jaya, saying that this was nothing but only an official protocol.

Selective Gag Order

An undemocratic tool of a gag order for the Congress party leaders is not a new thing. The party has practised it several times. It was observed that before and after the UPA government acted brutally against Baba Ramdev, many party leaders made statements, which clearly exposed the internal differences between UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. So once again party resorted to the gag order. However, it was only for those leaders who were speaking against Sonia Gandhi like Anil Shastri, who had, on the record, condemned the police action at Ramlila Maidan. The son of former PM Lal Bahadur Shastri had to maintain silence after that order but the favourites of the Madam were free from that order. That is why when a outspoken general secretary (Digvijay Singh) was reminded of the gag order, he said: “There isn’t any gag order for me. You can write whatever I am saying.” Chief spokesperson Janardan Dwivedy who was also present there, simply smiled.

Chameleon Equations

Today the political equations change like a chameleon. This was witnessed at the Bhubaneswar airport lounge recently when the senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh was waiting for his flight after finishing his tour. Many senior state BJP leaders were also with him. State president of Congress, Niranjan Patnaik, along with another senior Congress leader and former union minister of state, Railways, Kanhucharan Lenka, was also present there. Suddenly, national vice president of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Bhrigu Bakshipatra came to greet Rajnath Singh. It is a known fact in political circle of Odisha that earlier he was in communist party, then he joined the BJD and now he is in the BJP. It seems that Niranjan Patnaik was not aware of his joining the BJP, so he asked him casually how his party BJD was doing. The question stunned Bhrigu Bakshipatra.

            All the other leaders present were interacting and during the discussion BJP state general secretary Narayan Mohanti said that the state Congress president Patnaik was his brother-in-law as he was married in his village. It was also revealed that some BJP leaders present there were previously in the Congress. Then Kanhu Lenka asked Patnaik: “Many of your men have joined the BJP. Are you also going to join it?” Kanhu’s question made Patnaik embarassed but provoked huge laughter from others.


It is well known that after the police action at Ramlila Maidan the close aide of Baba Ramdev Acharya Balkrishna went missing for almost two days. No one knows where he was. Even Baba Ramdev never gave any hint. But it is discussed in the corridors of power that he was held by the government clandestinely. Government was seeking the inside informations of Ramdev’s firms and NGOs so that he could be blackmailed.

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