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Jacqueline’s Puppy Love

Updated: July 25, 2015 7:50 am

The controversial Yulin Annual Dog Meat Eating Festival in China, which started six years ago, made headlines recently when the media reported the killing of over 10,000 dogs. Many of these dogs are stolen, kept in tiny, filthy cages with other animals and are driven across China to Yulin where they are sliced open, boiled and blowtorched. Their flesh is then sold. Dog meat has been popular in China for hundreds of years. But this year, reports of the torture and killings sparked outrage across the world.

Jaqueline had read about the Nepal dog festival, Kukur Tihar, which dedicates a day to ‘Man’s Best Friend’. Dogs are marked on the head with red powder, as a symbol of sacredness and fed delicious food. She plans to get her celebrity friends on board for a similar Dog’s day in Mumbai. She tweeted, “Nepal is having a festival where dogs are honoured for their special friendship with humans. China, watch and learn. A single-person led protest can be effective too. Animals don’t have a voice, but you do.”

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