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Is Kashmir Politics Resolved Or Knotted Further?

Updated: March 21, 2015 12:20 pm

The settlement brokered between PDP of Mohammad Mufti Sayeed and the BJP leadership in Delhi after two-month-long talks appeared most pragmatic and likely to be stable enough to last six years. It is not a question of convenience, but getting together and understanding that no other better option can work. Both the parties must have weighed their options carefully over the two months of hard bargaining. The pact therefore should be taken as a conclusion of mature approach from both the partiers. But certain statements by Mufti vitiated the friendly alliance and created doubts about the longevity of the coalition. But before reaching any conclusion we must not forget that the environ in the Valley is very turbulent and it has a neighbour that takes pleasure in stirring trouble in the valley and Jammu too. The off-shoot of whatever happens in Afghanistan and Pakistan and its internal conflict, all have a ripple effect on Kashmir. We have to also understand Mufti. He is the most astute politician in Kashmir today. One he would not have made statements that made Delhi very sore without a reason. Secondly, he would not at any cost risk breaking the coalition and snapping ties with Narendra Modi. Mufti knows that Modi is a difficult and very shrewd politician.

If he turns hostile life for Mufti would become difficult. A slightest breakdown of law and order or violence by separatists would make the Centre come down very heavily. Mufti would never like to either lose power or let the situation drift for a Central rule. This is a watershed moment for Jammu and Kashmir. Both BJP and PDP would like to enjoy the moment.

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