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Initiatives begnning to work

By E. Rajesh Pathak
Updated: May 9, 2021 9:15 am

More beyond its own need, India now goes to be having capability of exporting the products linked to  space and defence sector, the target of which is set to be 5 billion dollar by the end of 2025.  Obviously the effect of ‘Make-in-India’ has begun to manifest far and wide. More than 24000 are such MSMEs which fulfil the requirement of components needed in defence products. In next 5 years the target is set for   achieving   the self-reliance in 5000 more products, benefit of which will again be availed  by the MSMEs only. Critic might cry foul about  Ambani-Adani, the available data though  confirm the fact that present Government is well concerned about the well-being of all.

Country makes LED Bulbs and air conditions and solar photovoltaic also. But small components required  for them are largely imported, particularly from China and from other countries also. But now government seems to have resolved to put check on it. In order to encourage the production of components at domestic level PLI [Production linked] scheme has been sanctioned. Under this Government will allot 10000 crore rupees as an incentive

Today the numbers of Unicorns with business worth above 1 billion dollars have come to be more than 100. This we achieved owing to the immense improvement in telecommunication and other basic infrastructure acting  as main components of ‘Ease of doing business’. Prominently active in the sectors of advance  technology, drugs and other consumers products, the performance of these companies makes it clear that how conducive is the atmosphere for the business fraternity these days.

Export of drugs from  the country has increased 18% in last financial year[2020-21], and got to be 1.76 lakh crore . And that’s too when the markets world over were seen registering downfall in pharma-sector.  It is believed that the initiatives that Indian govt took through PLI scheme are now leaving its wider effect. As for the    country, it is in the market of Canada that the  maximum growth  of more than 30%  is recorded in terms of Indian imported drugs. And to America, more than 12.6% Indian drugs  are exported.

Now soon country will be having 5000 plants to be producing  bio-CNG from the crop-residue[to be locally called ‘parali’]. This  Nitin Gadkari announced on  the occasion of launching country’s first bio-CNG tractor manufactured by two start-up companies. Parali will now no longer be the menace, but a source of income for the farmers. Moreover the cost of running the bio-CNG tractor for the farmer will get  reduced by half as also. Such steps are enough to bolster the notion that the present government is as much crony of farmers and common man, as it is alleged to be of handful big business houses.

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