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Indrani: Mother of All Crimes?

Updated: September 25, 2015 12:00 am

The Crime

  • Sheena Bora was murdered on 24 April 2012
  • The body was found by Raigad police on 23 May 2012
  • Sheena was strangulated to death and her body was set on fire after pouring petrol
  • Mumbai police have arrested Sheena’s mother Indrani Mukherjee, Indrani’s ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and former driver Shyam Rai in August 2015 after three years.
  • Now the investigation is on

For past one month we have been hearing about an ambitious mother who dreams big and uses all means to reach the zenith of her career and life. The misdeed she does in the process comes back to her beautiful life to haunt her, where she is suspected to have killed her own daughter. Under what condition a mother becomes so hostile with her child that at a certain point she kills her own offspring?

For almost a month newspaper headlines and television discussions are all about the Sheena Bora murder case by her mother, Indrani Mukherjee, more because she is the wife of Ex-Star India CEO Peter Mukherjee and herself cofounder of INX Media, which grabs eye balls of common people. The curiosity and the sentiments hit the people mindset earning TRP and business to media houses in the same way once Peter Mukherjee, did by planning his strategy in Star TV India, during his stint as CEO of the group by understanding the pulse and sentiment of the people and did profitable business.

The repeated twists and turns in the Sheena Bora murder case, as we all know, would put any Bollywood’s potboilers to shame. The story has everything — drama, suspense, action and also sex. In fact, judging by what the investigation has revealed so far, physical relationships have played a key role in the entire mess. The police have arrested Indrani Mukherjee, her previous husband Sanjeev Khanna and her former driver Shyam Rai. They have been charged with murder of Sheena Bora and destroying evidence.

Kolkata based-Clinical Psycholo-gist Ms Rajyasree Bandhopadyay said on how a mother can take such extreme steps against her children: “A mother too is a human being, like all other emotions she too possess greed and anger. Anyone who has reached the zenith of her career by utilising whatever means he or she has, cannot afford to lose it by any given chance. If anyone comes his or her way, she will certainly try to harm them.”

To hide her past life, Indrani has decorated and painted her life so beautifully that anyone can fall in  believing. But truth is known to Sheena and Mikhail and that’s why this entire misdeed.

How Indrani passed Sheena off as her sister

Apparently Sheena’s and Mikhail’s school records mention their grandparents — Upendra Kumar Bora and Durga Rani Bora – as their parents. Sheena was studying in Guwahati till she came to Mumbai and took admission at St Xavier’s College in 2006. Since the Boras were presented as their parents, it was easy for Indrani to pass them off as siblings. And no one, including Peter Mukherjee, ever came to know.

The police official said that Indrani sent both her children to her parents’ house when she married Sanjeev Khanna.“After she left the children in Guwahati, Indrani did not return for 10 years. However, she used to regularly send money to run the house. That is why Mikhail never raised the issue of Sheena’s disappearance beyond a point. This would have cost him his monthly allowance,” said a police source.

Did Indrani forge Sheena’s birth certificate?

The police have in their possession a birth certificate issued from Guwahati which names Sheena’s grandparents as her father and mother. These were handed over to the police by Mikhail.

The Assam police claim this is a forged document. “Although Sheena was born in 1989, the certificate handed over by Mikhail was issued in 2004,” said a source in the Assam police. “Indrani might have forged other documents to hide the truth (about Sheena’s parentage)”.

Mikhail has  alleged that he was on the ‘hit list’ of his mother and her associates. He alleges that she had threatened him several times and planned to kill him on the same day they allegedly killed Sheena.”My evidence is the conversation between Indrani Mukherjee and Sheena. I also have some photographs which reveal the relationship between these three people (Indrani, Peter and Sheena) as well as Rahul,” Mikhail told Media.

Details come tumbling out

After Mumbai Police commissioner Maria revealed that Khanna was also involved in Sheena’s murder, it came to light that Indrani had two marriages before tying the knot with Peter Mukherjee in 2002. Police sources revealed that Indrani is learnt to have been in a relationship with one Siddharth Das, before she married Khanna. Indrani concealed information about Das from not only Khanna, but also from Peter Mukherjee. Peter Mukherjee has also claimed that he was not aware that Sheena was actually Indrani’s daughter.

What went wrong between the mother and daughter, which led mother to take such an extreme step is still unknown. Ivestigations are on, it may be revealed very soon. Clinical Psychologist Ms Rajyasree Bandho-padyay cautions that such mother effects not only their life but also changes the life of their children. “A girl in her adolescence needs her mother most, if she doesn’t find anyone around whether be her mother  or  father, even knowing that they exist then it proves fatal and can turn hostile to them. This also effects the society as they are also a part of this society.”

The whole tale reflects the degrading scenario of our present society, where individual mission and dream becomes so prominent, that you deny accepting the real world, rather you start living in a illusionary world and to maintain this illusionary society around you, you can go to any extent and can kill anyone. Though the law will take its own course of action, this is an alert and warning to all of us, to ponder over how we want to lead our life in this beautiful world.

By Joydeep Dasgupta

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