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Indigo Plant

Updated: June 20, 2015 1:30 pm

Indigo plant is known as Neel in Hindi. If you crush the leaves of this plant your palm will turn blue.  Though the plant is available in white, black etc. the most popular one is the indigo colour.  This plant sprouts in winter and bears fruits in bunches, which dries and the seeds fall off in summer and again new plant comes up in rainy season.

 Indigo has been used in traditional medicine to treat various ailments.   Indigo dye: Indigo is the most popular colour. The jeans or the denim pant which you wear is coloured by indigo.  Indigo dyed clothes are free of germs. This plant is bitter in taste and protects us from germs that cause many diseases.  Chemical dye used on clothes sometimes cause skin allergy.48-49 Astro Watch+Natuut 1

Tooth disorders: Take the root of the Indigo plant, grind to paste and apply to get rid of harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay and reduces pain.

Antidote to poison: Grind the seeds to powder and give to the person affected along with honey to effectively expel the poison.

Remedy for tuberculosis: Rub the root of the plant on hard surface and collect the paste add 2g of it to one cup warm cow milk and give it to the patient. If you do this regularly he will recover from the TB faster.

Remedy for kidneys: Those suffering from kidney problems can get relief from indigo plant.  Take whole plant dry in shade, make fine powder strain in fine cloth and store the powder in a bottle. Take one gram of this powder in a cup of water both the times to get cured of old and nagging kidney problems.

Heat boils and sores in children:  Children are often prone to sores that take time to heal.  Such sores can be treated by indigo plant leaves. Make paste of these leaves and apply the paste on these sores.  If you do regularly they disappear and the skins become normal.

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Snake bite: Take the leaves of this plant in a cup of water and crush them with hand. Decant the water and give to the effected person.  One should do this repeatedly and let the person not sleep.  He will recover and the snake poison will be repulsed. In earlier days snake bite was treated in the similar manner.

Hair:  It is believed that the black henna we use to colour our hair is actually obtained from Indigo leaves that gives black colour to the hair. Henna does not give black colour to the hair. Add green leaf extract of indigo plant to same amount of sesame oil, heat until the extract is absorbed in oil and store in a bottle.  Applying this oil to hair gives you black, healthy, lustrous hair.

Vitiligo: Vitiligo or white spots on the skin will disappear if you apply indigo leaves and Bhringaraj leaves (grind together) paste on the spots regularly.  The skin will take its normal colour after few days.

Try to recognise Indigo plant in your locality and pass on the above information to the needy.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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