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Updated: March 12, 2011 3:26 pm

Good health is maintained by the food we eat. We get the nourishment by the amount of food that we digest. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and sprouts are essential to promote good health. They contain essential amino acids, fatty acids and fiber that gets digested easily and protect us from chronic diseases. If the food is not digested properly then these acids tend to trouble us in the form of gas or acidity. Due to the improper function of the digestive system, gas is formed in the stomach and this leads to pain in the stomach, burning sensation in the heart, chest pain etc. The main reason behind it is irregular food habits.

                We should have our food at regular timings. Eat only when one is hungry. One should not eat forcibly. Have a full breakfast, a light lunch and lighter dinner. There should at least be a two-hour gap before you go to bed after dinner. There should be four to five hour gap between the meals. This gives time for the digestive enzymes to digest the food that we have taken. Chew the food and do not just gulp down. Do not drink too much of water while eating food. Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol, for that matter even drinking tea or coffee in excess is not good for health. Avoid junk food, spicy food and oily food. Instead, take good amount of water, fruit and vegetable juices. Exercise to keep fit and take good rest.

Following are a few tips to avoid acidity, loss of appetite and gastric troubles

■             Take 50 gm azwain roast and powder it with 25 gm black salt (kala namak), store the mix in a bottle, add ½ a spoon of this mixture to a glass of buttermilk and drink to get relief from acidity, indigestion etc.

■             Add ½ a spoon of dry ginger powder to one glass of water and boil till it is reduced to half a glass and drink when mildly warm.

■             Add ½ a spoon of harad (haritaki) powder to 1-3 spoons of sugar candy (mishri) and take it 30 minutes before eating food.

■             Take 12 gm sendha lavan (rock salt), 60 ml ginger juice and 60 ml lemon juice. Mix all the three in a glass bottle and keep in the sun for four days. Add one teaspoon full of this solution to ½ a cup of water and take twice daily after meals for relief from indigestion and acidity.

■             Soak 50 gm tamarind in water, extract the thick juice removing the seeds and fiber. Powder 50 gm each of jaggery, dalchini (cinnamon), elaichi (cardomom) and pepper and store in a bottle. Add ¼ a spoon of this powder to the tamarind extract, make pills as big as reetha seed, and chew one daily. This will improve the appetite.

■             Grind an equal amount of azwain and kala namak (black salt) with lemon juice and make pills of the size of chana dal and take two pills daily after meals to get relief from indigestion.

■             Take 10 gm sonth (dry ginger) powder, 10 gm jeera (roasted) powder, 10 gm sonamukhi leaves powder, 10 gm harad (haritaki) powder and 10 gm sendha namak (sendha lavan), mix all these finely ground powders and store in a bottle. Take 2 gm of this powder with ½ a glass of warm water three times a day. This will give relief from heaviness in stomach, indigestion, stomach pain, and constipation.

■             Take 5 gm sonth (dry ginger) powder, 5 gm pepper powder, 5 gm dhania seeds powder (all these should be coarsely powdered), ½ cup rice (grind once to make very coarse powder/broken rice), 750 ml water. Boil water till it is reduced to half and then mix all the powders, cook to very soft consistency and consume hot. This acts as a very good appetizer, reduces heat in the body, relieves from constipation, bloating of stomach etc.

■             Mix 50 gm of roasted azwain powder and 25 gm kala namak and store in a bottle. Add ½ a spoon to buttermilk diluted with water and drink twice a day. This will give relief from indigestion and gas.

■             Take curry leaves, clean them in running water, dry in shade, roast them with 50 gm sonth (dry ginger) and 50 gm pepper and then grind all the ingredients. One spoon along with food relieves from bloating of stomach and indigestion

■             Take 100 gm jeera roast and make powder, add 100 gm sugar candy (mishri powder) and pure ghee to make fine paste. Take one spoon daily one hour before food. This will give relief from acidity.

■             For small children or even infants, the first course of a meal should be with roasted azwain or sonth powder added with little salt and ghee along with rice, at least once a day, to keep all tummy-related ailments away.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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