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Indian Railways registers safety record during April, 2019 to March, 2020

Updated: June 9, 2020 10:25 am

Railways has registered the best ever safety record during the period between April last year to March this year. Railways Ministry said, there has been no fatality of any railway passenger in any train accident. The remarkable feat has been achieved for the first time in the year 2019-20 since the introduction of the Railway System in the country 166 years ago. Our correspondent reports that the zero passenger fatalities in the last 15 months is a result of continuous efforts by the Railways to improve safety performance in all respects.

Railways has undertaken several measures to improve safety, including elimination of manned level crossings, construction of road over bridges, highest ever renewal of rail tracks, effective track maintenance and improvements in signaling system. Record number of over one thousand 270 Manned Level Crossings have been eliminated in 2019-20 compared to 631 in the previous year. This is the highest ever elimination of level crossings. In order to improve safety, 84 stations with mechanical signaling were replaced with electronic signaling. The highest ever renewal of rails for five thousand 181 Track kilometres took place in 2019-20 against four thousand 265 track kilometres in 2018-19.

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