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Indian Navy Sets Up COVID Care Centre at Bheemunipatnam

Updated: May 12, 2021 3:58 pm

As part of the Indian Navy’s efforts to assist the general population of Bheemunipatnam in dealing with the devastating second Covid wave, a 60-bed Covid Care Centre has been set up at INS Kalinga, Bheemunipatnam. This facility was dedicated to the public by AP Tourism Minister and Bheemunipatnam MLA ShriMuttamsettiSrinivasaRao on 11 May 2021.  The Commanding Officer INS Kalinga stated that the COVID Care Centre has adequate facilities to provide treatment to COVID positive patients with moderate symptoms from BheemunipatnamMandal and adjoining areas.  Administrative, logistic support food conservancy services and medical equipment is being provided by the Indian Navy. The COVID Centre will be manned by three doctors and 10 nursing staff provided by the Community Health Centre. Towards the maintenance and the running of the COVID Care Centre, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by CmdeNeerajUday Commanding Officer INS Kalinga and the Superintendent of the Community Health Centre Bheemunipatnam in the presence of the Tourism Minister and the District Medical and Health Officer Dr G Suryanarayana.

The COVID Care Centre has medical facilities to provide care to patients with mild to moderate symptoms. 14 beds out of 60 have the provision for oxygen support through cylinders and oxygen concentrators. Suitable accommodation for the doctors and nursing staff in the proximity of the COVID Care Centre has also been provided to ensure round the clock services to patients.

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