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Russia-India can defeat Covid19 together: Evgeny Shilnikov, Prz of Russian Friendship Society with India

By - Ravi Mishra 
Updated: April 10, 2020 12:26 pm

Evgeny Shilnikov, President of Russian Friendship Society with India has written a letter expressing solidarity with the people of India in the fight against the epidemic of coronavirus.


Shilnikov writes that the epidemic COVID-19 has become the new global vase of the 21st century. The virus is insidious and knows no boundaries, so we can only defeat it together, taking care of each other and helping those who need our help.


“We believe that with the joint efforts of all countries the epidemic could be defeated. A major role in the consolidation of international efforts in the fight against coronavirus and the subsequent overcoming of the consequences of the epidemic is to be played by public diplomacy and the activity of friendship societies in different countries, as has already happened many times during the Second World War and in other difficult periods in the history of mankind,” Evgeny Shilnikov further writes.

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