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India Needs Hindutva And Moditva

Updated: April 28, 2012 11:48 am

The self-proclaimed secularists received a harsh slap in their face when the Ahmedabad Metropolitan Court pronounced on April 10 that the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the 2002 riots had given Modi a clean chit in the Gulbarg Society massacre case. Whether you respect or revile the man, you have got to admit that Gujarat gets very little wrong, whether in industrial development, infrastructure, or agriculture. The 2002 riots are a stain that cannot be wished away or washed off, although Modi swears that development has touched every Gujarati. The Modi model works, and even political rivals of the man who has always had an image larger than his mid-sized state have grudgingly had to adopt his mantra. Nitish Kumar in Bihar and Naveen Patnaik in Odisha have followed him, and development and good governance are no longer catchwords. So much so that the Congress first released an advertisement about Gujarat which also listed Modi’s achievements and his skill and ability as an organiser. Then Delhi Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit, further confounded her party and the media by praising Modi before retracting the praise. And this is no wonder, as Modi actually works, and if you look at Gujarat’s rising water table, its electrified villages, its ports, roads and canals, its huge and impressive gas grid, and the number of manufacturers beating a path to Modi’s door, you have got to wonder how much higher India’s overall gross domestic product would have been if all the leaders of all its states had known that the same development mantra. But still there is the ‘secular’ brigade and a section of media which is burning mid-night oil in desperation to tarnish Modi’s image. But it had to pull a face after the recent verdict. The unhealthy environment fostered by the unfounded and false allegations made against Modi and his government after 2002 riots, has come to an end. For the past ten years, it has become a trend to defame Modi and the Gujarat government for one reason or another. These elements who could not tolerate any positive development of Gujarat have applied all guerrilla tactics to vilify him. These people talk tall, but have nothing to show as their achievements. Had they been so, they would have done half of the good work Modi has done for this nation. How had they, ‘paragons of justice’, come to the conclusion when the courts had yet not pronounced the verdict? They claim to belong to the ‘tolerant’ breed of Indians, but did they not show such intolerance and haste in jumping to conclusions? In fact, they and their ilk have been shifting the goalposts. First, they said that Modi would be defeated by the people. That didn’t happen, then they said that he would be punished by the courts, that too did not happen and now they are down in the mouth. Frustrated, they still think that they can sully a man’s image with their venom-spweing pen without a shred of evidence to back their assertions.

But they forget Modi’s indelible charisma, which can be gauged by the fact that there isn’t a single state in India where CM candidates and political parties have been able to win elections without quotas and freebies. It is only Modi who has dumped the outdated ideas of such election-winning calculations based on caste, community, subsidies and freebies. Of all his achievements as CM, this is quite easily the most outstanding one. The media war against him has made him raise the development agenda even higher resulting in greater achievements by the state of Gujarat. Naturally, many across the country have found this form of governance and delivery far more attractive than mindless appeasement policies and promises. It is only after 60 years of independence that all political parties are talking of development and governance as the key issues. The contrast becomes even sharper when measured against a corrupt Congress government at the Centre. The lessons that the ‘secular’ media and Congress refuse to learn is that the more they abuse Modi, the more his popularity rises among the people in Gujarat and across the country. This is substantiated by the fact that a few days ago The Hindustan Times carried the results of a survey which indicated that people preferred Narendra Modi as PM over all others. Thereafter, at a Sadbhavna meet in Anand in Gujarat Modi mentioned this survey in his speech and an English news channel’s correspondent quickly termed it as Modi’s PM ambitions. Not that was there was anything wrong with such an ambition but a reference to their own survey had that correspondent spreading lies that Modi was “baring his PM ambitions”. Having created the lie, that correspondent then went on to discuss this spurious topic with panelists from BJP, Congress, Shiv Sena and BJD trying to sow the seeds of disharmony, political speculation and another attempt at tarring Modi’s image. It is difficult to say whether this campaign of calumny will stop even after this recent judgment. But one thing is certain that the credibility of those who have been spreading lies and slandering Modi and his government has reached its nadir. The people of this country will no longer trust such elements. And Modi, despite tremendous pressure from his opponents from all directions, has single handedly managed to keep Gujarat on the top of the table with regard to all-round performance. How many leaders in India will be able to do such a balancing act? None. So it is high time the whole nation needed to be graced by the leaders like Modi’s business and governing skills.

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