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Independent: ARE WE?

By Vishwarupa Rath
Updated: August 16, 2021 10:45 am

Independence: a condition of a person, nation, country, or state in which its residents and population, or some portion thereof, exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over its territory. An independent country is a self-governing and self-determining autonomous state.

This word has been very dear to our country India [like any other country that has tasted freedom after a long period of suppression].

There’s every reason why we treat India’s Independence as one of the most significant part of our lives and our identities. After all, every little aspect of our country shapes us and vice-versa. The rich variety of cultures we’re proud of to follow, the festivals we celebrate and the rights we live with now, everything is a result of  the dynamic, extensive struggle for freedom that India went through, whilst getting dreadfully ruled for 200 years under the treacherous claws of the Britishers.

Amusing though it was, how smartly the Britishers entered into the domains of the nation and swiftly gained controlled over everything they wished to.

But I believe it was still lucky for us then to at least realise it, even though a little late, that we were facing a vicious control by a force and even though it was endlessly difficult to see a way out of it, we still fought until we got what was right for us.

In being able to recognise the need for ‘independence’ I would say we aren’t in much luck in today’s date. One would say why, isn’t it silly of anyone to say our nation isn’t independent currently? Well it does fit into the definition of how we understand an independent nation. Then why a pen still finds the need to ink down the problem that doesn’t exist?

Now let us get back to the definition of an independent nation in short:-’ a self-governing and autonomous state’. Sure enough, laws are made by the respected stakeholders and everything that ‘should’ be ideal is perfectly written under the heavy books of written statements that we call laws.

But if we call our nation independent, then shall we admit that it is indeed governing with full autonomy, every little and big wrongdoings that persist in the nation despite of being stated as ideally wrong?

 Now there’s no outside force to blame for these things which aren’t right for our very own nation. That is a well-known human nature to easily take credit for success and right doings and seldom owning or taking responsibility of own wrongdoings.

On the 75th Independence day, while we shall proudly celebrate the ever glorious victory of our Golden Bird, let us also give a token of contribution to start working towards the Independence that the country needs in this hour.

Let us with courage open our eyes and face it: we aren’t independent from so many things that are weighing us down, not letting us rise, and hence we are dependent on their dead weight for our growth.

The social evils like every criminal and non-criminal acts that don’t let any community, society or for that matter any individual live their lives freely without getting suppressed, tortured, restrained, would be a threat to the independence of the nation as a whole. When questions are asked if we can ever be able to get rid of the evils of society, they’re generally laughed off like a joke, as if there’s no way out.

If laws are made and implemented, if the state is governing in a manner it should, then why is it so that not every citizen of the country feels they’re free from the evils of society? Or are the so-called laws only for the particular sections of society where it’s easy to implement?

Hunger, poverty and unemployment still tends to be of utmost concern for such a huge section of society. There are still children trapped under the bricks of child labour. Still humans are ill-treated because of caste– even in this nation following ‘sabka vikas’

There’s no street where a woman can walk as if she’s not a treat for everyone’s eyes but merely just another human being. And very shamefully, not even a temple, nor a priest is trustable enough for even a child to seek justice.

Whilst buses are burnt and innocents are killed just because one community wants to exercise their control and power over another, just for the sake of religion or politics, can we really say that it is an independent nation we are living in?

We’ve celebrated enough of old victories, now it is time to bring forth independence to each corner of the nation, served equally amongst each individual and not just pour profusion into some areas and keep others starving.

Independence is a phenomenon that goes rusty if not constantly worked upon.

It is not a medal that once achieved shall be considered a victry to cherish forever. It is a circle that goes around and comes around, and we as current citizens of the country should be responsible and courageous enough to contribute to each of our roles.

I hope every Independence day we measure how much more independent our nation becomes than before.

This might not be a fight everyone shall read about in history books in future, and might just be a silent rebellion, a fight for justice, but that doesn’t make it any less important than our earlier struggle for freedom.

On this Independence Day, let’s start working towards the independence that India deserves presently.

By Vishwarupa Rath

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