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“Inculcate Lord Mahavir’s Principles For Peace And Ahimsa” —Gani Rajendra Vijay

Updated: May 29, 2010 2:29 pm

Gani Rajendra Vijay is a Jain spiritual and humanitarian leader. Born in tribal area of Gujarat, and now founder of the Sukhi Parivar Abhiyan, he is a votary of joint family system as it contains stability and freedom from anxiety. He thinks division in family affects not only the present generations but also the future generations. Selfishness, intolerance, doubt, ego, means of livelihood etc mainly cause the family disintegration. Good sanskars are the greatest assets of the joint family system. In an exclusive interview to Lalit Garg, Gani Rajendra Vijay discussed the philosophy of the Sukhi Parivar Abhiyan, Lord Mahavir and his own vision for the future. Excerpts:

How would you explain the basic principles of Jainism?

Jainism has a sacred book known as Saman Sutra. This contains scriptures written by Lord Mahavir and has been put together by some Jain spiritual leaders. Jainism is basically atman (soul)-oriented. The main tenet is that the atman is both bondage and a source of moksha (liberation). The individual has to fulfill his karma to achieve moksha: man is responsible for his own happiness and sorrow. God is just a natural part of the universe. Jainism, however, is better known for its principle of non-violence.

How can Sukhi Parivar Abhiyan’s philosophy practically help people live on a day-to-day basis in their work place and their family life?

Sukhi Parivar Abhiyan aims to promote ahimsa, peace and brotherhood. It is a movement of Bhagwan Mahavir’s teaching. Family is the basic unit of society. Jain Philosophy lays down simplest guidelines to lead an ideal life, i.e. self-confidence or self-reliance, self-knowledge and self-satisfaction. Every one, wherever and whatever he may be, can make his life an ideal one, because every one is responsible for one’s prosperity and downfall. Prosperity or downfall is not dependent on any omnipotent God.

What are your efforts towards peace and ahimsa? What message you have for the world?

For peace we have to keep on making our efforts all over the world. This is our experience that without training and development, the message of peace and non-violence cannot be applied. In principle, we accept that some progress is being made but when it comes to practice even the teachers of ahimsa have been seen becoming violent. That is why, to train individuals a programme has been chalked out. All persons who believe in non-violence should first accept training in ahimsa and also convince others to undergo similar training. If we can apply these points in our life then lot of problems will automatically get resolved.

The tradition of joint families is breaking down. Families are disintegrating, what is the main reason for this?

The head of the family is not as tolerant and balanced today as he should be. This is the main aberration.

How can India guide the whole world. What can India contribute?

Look, Indian spirituality has never been aggressive. Indian spiritual traditions are all inclusive. Here Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains all lived together for years without any major conflicts. But today politicians in India are dividing people in the name of caste and religion with various appeasement policies for various castes and religious groups. To fight this we need not be fundamentalists and violent. Peace and non-violence are the only ways to fight any form of discrimination. That’s what Indian spirituality all about.

How can we become a peaceful and violence-free developed nation?

Non-violence, training and spiritual wisdom is the only solution. Meditation helps in calming the mind and enlightens the soul. Without peace of mind there is no progress and development. Spiritual wisdom is the real knowledge. Knowledge of the self is the ultimate wisdom. Spiritual wisdom and moral progress is very essential for development. Without which we are not complete.

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