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Importance Of Pure Water

Updated: May 31, 2014 5:43 pm

Pure water is as important as pure air and good food in order to sustain good health. Experts tell us to drink eight glasses of water daily to flush out impurities from the body. But is the water that we consume pure or is it contaminated with impurities?

In olden days people used to carry water with them on whatever errand they were on. They believed water to be an important element of their healthy life. Different areas contain different types of chemicals and pollutants in water. Drinking impure water makes us prone to many diseases which are life threatening.

It has become mandatory to take precautionary measures to get safe drinking water for even those living in group housing societies and apartments that get municipal or corporation water. One should approach the authorities to concerned know about the purity of water that is being supplied to them.


  • Sometimes water tankers are hired to provide drinking water. Most of the times people do not know the source from where the water is supplied and the quality of water.
  • The frequency of cleaning of tanks that supply water to residential areas is not known.
  • The pipes that supply water are often rusted or develop cracks and carry pollutants.
  • So we find a solution for this in water purifiers. It has become a dire necessity to go for water filters to get rid of impurities, especially for those drinking well water and tap water as it is not safe due to various reasons. They contain hundreds of diseases causing bacteria such as E. coli, cryptosporidium and chemical pollutants like lead. The well water gets polluted by the pesticides that are sprayed in fields, fertilizers and other industrial waste, which seep into the water. The water given by the corporation is safe but even this water gets contaminated in the pipes that have fungus and rust.
  • These purifiers control the harmful virus and bacteria that cause jaundice, diarrhea and various other waterborne diseases. They control and prevent the harmful elements such as magnesium, silica, lead and chromium that are present in the well water from entering our body.


  • In some areas people filter drinking water using clothe. This does not help in removing all the impurities. Boiling drinking water kills germs only if the water gets boiled for more than ten minutes.
  • Candle filters are still in practice but the purity of water depends on quality of the candles, how frequently one changes the candles and the quality of water in that area.
  • There are certain modern purifiers that are capable of destroying very minute bacteria. A wide range of them are available in the market such as UV purification, reverse osmosis method, activated carbon filtering, distillation, ian exchange, electro de-ionisation etc.They remove the pollutants, disease-prone bacteria, virus and germs.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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