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Importance of International Asteroid Day

Updated: June 30, 2022 11:57 am

30th June is observed as the ‘ International Asteroid Day ‘ since the United Nations general assembly adopted resolution A/RES/71/90 , aiming to “observe each year at the international level the anniversary of the Tunguska impact over Siberia, Russian Federation, on 30 June 1908, and to raise public awareness about the asteroid impact hazard.”

The observations in the beginning showed 2021 QM1 had a chance of striking Earth in 2052, and frustratingly, follow-up observations soon became impossible. Not only was it outshone by the Sun at a pivotal moment, but QM1 has been receding from view as it moves further away in its current orbit. ESA’s Near-Earth Object Coordination Centre have made finding and assessing the risk from 2021 QM1 a top priority, and this June they had a chance to capture the risky asteroid as it edged away from the brilliant Sun. Now extremely faint in the sky, it would take one of the best telescopes in the world to spot it, and if they do, it will be the faintest asteroid ever detected.

The 2022 celebration of international Asteroid Day can be witnessed at the website of asteroid day organisation in 30th June at 10:30 AM CEST | 8:30 AM UTC .

By Vishwarupa Rath

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