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Importance Of Being Mamata Banerjee

Updated: May 19, 2012 4:01 pm

Hardly a week after Mamata Banerjee had featured on the cover of world famous Time Magazine among the 100 most influential people in the world, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared her India visit. And to everyone’s surprise she is keeping a day (May 07) in her two day tour on meeting Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee, this shows even all-powerful America is taking a note of her achievement of overthrowing the Left Front from power.

Hillary Clinton too has kept a close watch on the Indian politics since the previous year and the influence of this firebrand leader Mamata Banerjee. The decision of Hillary Clinton to visit Mamata Banerjee as her first destination during this visit to India much ahead of meeting country’s Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh itself shows how important Mamata Banerjee is on the global scenario today.

According to sources, meeting the West Bengal Chief Minister on top of her agenda, Hillary Clinton is planning to push forward FDI in the state thereby in the country as time and time again Mamata Banerjee has been saying that her government is passing through an economic downfall, thereby helping Mamata overcome this financial crises of the state. It is also the wish of the Central government, say insiders.

When asked about Clinton’s visit to the state, Mamata Banerjee replied: “If she comes to Kolkata, we will welcome her. When it is finalised, you will come to know.” The state of West Bengal for last 34 years has been preaching people of the country and the state that America is a capitalist bourgeois and Uncle Sam has been here to destroy the economy of the world to keep itself as the leader of world economy. Protesting all the policies of the country from economic policy to financial policy, foreign policy, Indo-US nuclear deal, now the same state is welcoming USA for sure.

In her last visit here in July 2011, Hillary Clinton during a speech in Chennai suggested that India should play a leadership role in the Asia-Pacific and now the prospect seems clear to her as she knows India will play a great role not only in the economy of the Asia Pacific but also in the world economy and the influence which Mamata Banerjee has in the present government, joining hands with Mamata may help their prospects in a more determined way in India.

In the Foreign Policy magazine in October 2011, Clinton said: “The United States is making a strategic bet on India’s future—that India’s greater role on the world stage will enhance peace and security, that opening India’s markets to the world will pave the way for greater regional and global prosperity, that Indian advances in science and technology will improve lives and advanced human knowledge everywhere, and that India’s vibrant, pluralistic democracy will produce measurable results and improvements for its citizens and inspire others to follow a similar path of openness and tolerance. So the Obama administration has expanded our bilateral partnership; actively supported India’s Look East efforts, including through a new trilateral dialogue with India and Japan; and outlined a new vision for a more economically integrated and politically stable South and Central Asia, with India as a linchpin.”

This word of Clinton is testimony to the fact that America has time and again acknowledged India rising as a world power and passing through a dark phase. America is trying to keep its relationship with India on a harmonus stand. On the other hand, keeping Mamata in confidence is a strategy which can keep the centre on its toes.

Mamata Banerjee too is becoming an important player in Indian politics, however at home front she has been criticised for several reasons, to take a few example arrest of a professor for circulating a cartoon featuring Mamata Banerjee and Mukul Roy criticising Dinesh Trivedi. It is often seen that her party workers flex their muscles on anything. So from civil society to opposition have started criticising her on every move. But the rest of Bengal is undeterred by Mamata’s work and so does her pressure on Central government continues; recently she has threatened the central government with dire consequences if her bail outpackage is not met.

However, the Opposition in Bengal feels Hillary is showing importance and Mamata’s name featuring in Times Magazine is nothing to do with Mamata’s importance. Talking to Uday India CPIM leader and party state secretariat member Rabin Deb said: “People in the US are rejecting Obama’s government and Hillary is a part of the same government now taking shelter of Mamata. Capitalist around the world are in a crisis. Obama, Manmohan and Mamata are total failure so they are meeting each other. Featuring in Time Magazine will not do when the state is under total anarchy. There is no democracy even in her own party. Media is under attack by Mamata Banerjee government. Singur and North Bengal problems are becoming more complicated day-by-day”.

When world famous Time magazine is glorifying Mamata Banerjee, at the same time another most famous and important magazine The Economist has clearly mentioned Mamata Banerjee as the Mischief Minister and said: “West Bengal’s populist Chief Minister is doing badly. Yet she typifies shifts in power in India.” Trinamool Congress and Mamata Banerjee’s supporters although have to say that when big things and big transition happen anywhere in the world, critics have time and again criticised such issues, but with passage of time people also has accepted when good things take centre stage proving it to be for the good of humanity.

Whatever be the situation, the civil society is critising Mamata’s action but her support base still seems to be strong and her grip over the central government is as strong as it was before. It is the success of her leadership that she single handedly has maintained her command both at the state and the Centre.

Hillary Clinton’s due visit to meet Mamata Banerjee is also being seen as her able leadership and according to sources in the government it is under the directive of Central government that Clinton is starting her India tour from Kolkata meeting Mamata Banerjee, which will appease Mamata Banerjee and at the same time benefit both Bengal and America. Although a section of society and opposition may criticise in their own way, but what is destined to happen is going to happen only with the will of the most influential politicians of the country—Mamata Banerjee.

By Joydeep Dasgupta from Kolkata

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