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IITF 2010 Incredible India Showcased

Updated: December 11, 2010 1:22 pm

India—The land of Vedas, the land of unity in diversity—has remarkable and distinguished seeds of thoughts including various different religious ideas for a perfect life accompanied with modern science, which initiate a new prosperous India. It is in this backdrop that he 30th edition of Indian International Trade Fair (IITF) from November 14 to 27, 2010 at Pragati Maidan, Delhi, had showcased a true glimpse of the incredible India at one single platform after highly efficient and laborious efforts, where different sections of people including foreign business visitors, manufacturers, suppliers, government agencies and many others, but not to forget the main target common man, had attended the fair enthusiastically and became a precious part of it.

                The theme of the trade fair—energytech and envirotech—depicted serious concerns over climate change and the energy crises by familiarising the clean and energy-efficient technology, products and services to the visitors. Unlike Thailand as focus country last year, the concept of partner country was changed to partner state, i.e. Maharashtra and also introduced Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh as focus states. Dr Subhash Pani, chairman and managing director, India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) informed that these states are doing a lot to make use of renewable resources so “we decided to focus on these states”.

                Every state finely decorated and came forward uniquely with their own specialties, values and culture. “I came here with my two children and I found it really helpful in making them understand what our Indian culture and states are individually through different state pavilions. Especially, the attractive models made in front of every pavilion seem to be the ace of the whole deck of cards,” said Mrs Veena Rastogi, a housewife who had visited the fair with her two kids.

                Estimated budget of the fair is calculated around one billions dollars. Around 50,000 visitors witnessed the trade fair on the very first day. Approximately more than one million visitors had attended the fair, as the event attracted 1 lakh visitors on the daily basis.

                Twenty-two countries participated in this edition of fair—whereas Japan and Uganda participated for the first time, the biggest delegation was from the Pakistan. And China emerged as the main attraction at the fair due to the cheaper prices.

                Classical dance, vocal, and instrumental music mainly “Ghazals and Sufiana Kalam by Ghulam Abbas Khan” and “qawalis by Sayed Farid Sabri and Mohammad Ahmad” were another interesting gem pieces at the Pragati Angan, which cast a spell on audience. Renowned Bollywood films like Three Idiots, Boot Polish etc in Hindi, Gulabi Talkies (Kannada), Pather Pachali (Bengali) were also telecasted to entertain the public.

                Overall, the IITF 2010 had facilitated a huge diverse market for all classes of audience having their own diverse interests covering everything from display section of tech mart representing products and technologies of small and medium enterprises, jewellery, electronics, automobile and furniture, to every product at cheap prices like spices, handicrafts and many others. So if you missed it, better luck next time, i.e. IITF 2011.

By Sonia Chawla

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