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Ignorance Is A ‘Professional’ Bliss

Updated: November 15, 2014 10:50 am

IGNORANCE is the stock-in-trade of a journalist. So columnist Satiricus has scrupulously avoided cluttering up what passes for his brain with unnecessary, even unwanted knowledge. But then there are journalists and journalists. Some of them are common columnists, like Satiricus, a select few of them are editorialists of India’s biggest English-language—and therefore most secular—newspaper. So Satiricus felt honoured that these eminent practitioners of journalism of courage have shown the courage to stoop down to the lowly level of this columnist in sharing his ignorance of trifles, however tremendous those trifles.
Like, for instance, the RSS. Satiricus does not know that the RSS has 40,000 branches in India. Satiricus does not know that the RSS is active in 50 countries outside India. Satiricus does not know that the RSS has dozens of affiliates working in various fields ranging from defence think tanks and historical research to primary education and tribal welfare. Satiricus even does not know that the RSS was founded on Vijaya Dashami day in 1925. To Satiricus’s journalistic joy this last but not the least precious piece of ignorance has been generously shared with him by the erudite editorialist of the above-mentioned newspaper who recently wrote in his edit that this year’s Vijaya Dashami address of the RSS chief marked the 99th anniversary of the founding of RSS. Oh, well, what’s the big deal about not knowing if these knickerwala nonentities came together for the first time in 1925 or 1915? And in any case where ignorance is professional bliss it’s a folly to be journalistically wise, no?

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