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Idiotic World

Updated: January 24, 2015 5:50 am

WHY is there so much din and noise about gender discrimination in India? Satiricus, a mere male, finds that even in the liberated west it is very much present. Look, for instance, at this big, bold headline that occupied the full width of a newspaper page the other day—”Men are the bigger idiots, says study”. Ah, me! Satiricus and study were never on good terms, but he never thought people could be so studiously stupid. Oh, well, as it takes all sorts to make this idiotic world, there is indeed such a study made somewhere in the west which claims that available evidence shows men are much more likely to be idiots than women, because of an “astounding misapplication of common sense”. But how is that possible when there is no common sense to misapply? All great men are born, not made, and that applies to idiots.

Take Satiricus. Did he not become a journalist because he is a born idiot, too idiotic for anything else? What’s more, he is a patriotic Indian idiot who democratically believes that in all fields including idiocy all men are equal and all women are more equal. And this lofty attitude he shares with no less a personality than Justice Katju. When, not long ago, the learned judge ruled that 90 per cent Indians are idiots, did he discriminate between male idiots and female ones? Frankly speaking, no male with a bitter half in his life would be idiotic enough to belittle the female of the silly species.

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