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ICMR and Bharat Biotech to develop a fully indigenous vaccine for Covid-19

Updated: May 10, 2020 11:26 am
Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and a Hyderabad based leading Vaccine manufacturing company Bharat Biotech International Limited have partnered to develop a fully indigenous vaccine for COVID-19. The vaccine will be developed using the virus strain which has been isolated at ICMR’s National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune.

The details of the virus strain has been successfully transferred from NIV, Pune to Bharat Biotech. Work on developing the vaccine has been initiated by the two partner entities. NIV will provide continuous support to Bharat Biotech for vaccine development.

ICMR and Bharat Biotech will seek fast-track approval to expedite vaccine development, subsequent animal studies and clinical evaluation of the vaccine.

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