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“I Will Stand By An Innocent Till Last” —Deepak Mishra

Updated: October 29, 2011 10:58 am

“Sufferers must be given justice under all possible circumstances. Living life in a meaningful way by helping those in need is an art itself otherwise many just exist. They come and finally depart from this world,” well pronounced by Deepak Mishra, an IPS of AGMU cadre 84 batch, known as ‘Super Cop’. The tag remained with him for long in his early days in Delhi Police. He has seen policing at close range. Presently, he is posted as Special Commissioner of Police, next to the police chief, with the Delhi Police.

In an interview to Syed Wazid Ali he overtly and candidly shared some khaki notes of yesteryears.

What made you write the Civil Services? was it just by accident?

I hold destiny above all. I, in fact, had been working on with my management career, foreign trade and research work. My father used to chase me for UPSC. I did not care to heed much. Then he said, “You do not sit in for the exam for one simple reason that you can’t make it.” It sort of pinched me. I just sat down to swot, wrote and got through.

Had you not been an IPS what other best alternative would you have had on standby?

I would have been a musician or a band master with Shiv Mohan Band ha ha…(in jest). Well, jokes apart, I’d have been working with the corporate world. Squeezing in a word, I wholly believe in luck designed by Him.

Many fresh IPSs whether they are in sub-divisions or head the districts particularly the south district remain inflated with a bizarre and high-headed attitude barring a very few. Is it just a high of a beacon light atop Ambassador that turns a head?

True to an extent, but then this is not applicable to all the cases as I cannot point one in particular. New penny glitters a little more, new blood with a fresh zeal to prove them in a unique way may be one of the reasons. But one must not certainly undermine ethics.

How many organised crime syndicates are in Delhi?

None. I do not buy it.

Since L-18 Batla House encounter, there has been no police encounter. has it proliferated the crime in Delhi?

I do not see this side more vital.

What’s your say on staged police encounters? are they politically orchestrated or is a race for an OTP (Out-of-Turn Promotion)?

I have deadly been against any illegal killing, what you name fake encounter. But yes if it’s a fake encounter, it must be stopped and action must be taken immediately. Police have no licence to kill the innocent.

But they have a licence to falsely implicate an innocent, yes?


Many innocents framed in false cases are languishing in jails. What is your take?

I can’t say but I won’t ever allow injustice in any shape to be perpetrated. I’ll stand by an innocent till last and send the guilty behind bars.

No crime springs up without the connivance of the police at the thana level, right?

Not always. If you have a complaint, bring it to my notice. I’ll take immediate action against the one who has misused or abused his uniform.

In some cases it’s seen that local politicians and big land sharks are hand in glove with an SHO. they pander to him. it’s like you scratch my back and I do yours. how do you see it?

It’s obnoxious and they meet their nemesis. It should be put under scrutiny and whosoever is found guilty must be taken to task irrespective of who’s who.

Do you at times feel the heat from MHA?

If so I cannot work as freely as you see me doing here. I would have quit had I had the pressure.

In your day, you also threw your weight around; you wielded your clout to influence people, what was that like?

No, I never did that but yes I contributed my presence to the right cause. I always helped the needy and helpless.

How do you take life as?

I take life as it comes. I do not regret for anything nor do I aspire for anything, jo mil gaya usi ko muqaddar samajh liya, jo kho gaya main usko bhulata chala gaya…

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