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“I Want To Be Member Of Thousand Crore Club And Not Hundred Crore” – Shahrukh Khan

Updated: August 31, 2013 4:05 pm

From renewed friendship with Salman Khan, collection of Ra.One, to the recent release of “Chennai Express”, Shahrukh Khan talks candidly with Sumit Sharma. Excerpts:

Have you met Salman Khan after the “Iftar party”?

It is not necessary that you meet a person daily or have to be seen with him/her everywhere to become special for them. Whenever you hug a person, then indeed you leave all problems with that person behind. Everyone in the industry is my friend and I always like to make friends. I am not a reserved kind of person who lives in his own world. Whenever you meet an old friend after a long time, you feel happy from inside and I can’t express that happiness.

Will we see Karan-Arjun pair come on screen together again?

It is too early to say anything, but my heart says whatever happens will be for good.

It is learnt that you are earning thirty to forty crores per film?

Who says that? These days I am busy in my home productions. When films earn more than the cost at which they are made, only then do I get my dues. Till date I haven’t met any producer who has offered me such a large sum. If you know any such producer, then please let me know so that even I can ascertain my value.

Have you created a distance with Yash Raj’s family, after his death?

Rubbish. I will always be a part of Yash Raj’s family. Whatever I am today is due to Yash Raj only. In fact, most of my hit movies are with this family. I am still in touch with Aditya and Uday. We always discuss many subjects with each other. It is not necessary that doing films with a banner defines my relation with the family. Believe me, whenever Aditya decides to start a new project, I will leave my home productions film and complete their films first. Yashji has given me so much love and affection which I cannot describe in words. After Jab Tak Hai Jaan, I am eagerly waiting to do another film under the Yash Raj banner.

Talking of the 100 crore club, which includes your Ra.One and Jab Tak Hai Jaan, what do you expect from Chennai Express?

I always think ahead. Hundred, two hundred crores club don’t interest me, I will be a part of a thousand crores club.

As a producer, what is your overall view of Ra.One?

I had put all my wealth on stake for this project. When I came to Mumbai, I had nothing but my fans have given me so much love, name and fame, so I should do something for them, which will give me peace. For Ra.One, we have taken help from foreign technicians, approached the best 3D company of the world. I felt happy that my fans liked it and they wrote me so many mails and text messages in which they called Ra.One as India’s best movie in terms of technique. This is the biggest achievement for an artist. But as a producer, when I see the collections of the movie, I get upset. Although the movie earned more than 150 crores, if I go by the time and money I have invested in the movie, the amount is very less.

You ended Ra.One on a note from where you can start a sequel. Are you working on it?

Ra.One is the only film which is close to my heart. I want to make this movie into a series. I want that, like Hollywood’s Superman and Spiderman, Ra.One too could be made into a series. But we haven’t started working on the project. For this project, I need money and time, and whenever I get these, I will start the project.

In Bollywood, why can’t we make movies like Superman, which is technically 100 per cent perfect?

In South we are making great movies. Rajni Sir’s Robot was a 100 per cent perfect film. Hrithik’s earlier movie Krish was at par with Hollywood. But, yes, we still don’t have quality technicians and the latest techniques.

What do you expect from Krish 3?

I have seen the first look of the movie and it seems to be promising. Rakesh Roshan has used latest techniques for this film. Hritik’s looks are amazing. We don’t have any one better than Hritik to play a superman’s role in Bollywood. I think this movie will be a great hit.


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