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“I Am No Perfectionist” —Amir Khan

Updated: May 11, 2013 12:53 pm

The actor demystifies Mr Perfectionist tag and says he is eager to work with Salman Khan if the script of the film excites him


Aamir Khan made a rare public appearance recently, when he met the winners of Microsoft Talaash. The actor, who has been out of the country for a marathon shooting schedule for Dhoom 3, looked remarkably fresh and youthful for his age. A fact emphasised by a grey tee with Pink Floyd written on across. On spotting a Rubik cube, he enthusiastically got busy solving it, and in no seconds produced the results to the onlookers around him. With the cube conquered, he faced his fans and disarmed them with his candour. The excerpts:

On Satyamev Jayate

We have begun work on Satyamev Jayaate season 2. The show in its first season had a fantastic effect and touched many people’s lives. People in high positions reacted to the show in a very dynamic way too. In fact, the show is a culmination of an awareness of issues around us, and the helplessness that follows at not being able to do something about it. So, I decided to use my core strength, that is communication and combined it with the power of television, to see if we could make life better. The show has had a dream response. It’s the kind of worldwide response we could only dream of. It’s really wonderful to see the way the people have connected to the show and how the show has touched so many people’s lives and it’s wonderful to see so many people’s attitudes changing around you. I think one of the biggest accomplishments of the show is that it encourages us to publicly debate certain issues that otherwise we don’t discuss, that we’re very uncomfortable talking about publicly.

On doing films with social message

I choose a movie if I fall in love with it. The subject should excite me. If I look at it from a logical or marketing point of view, then it’s a very unwise thing to do because I am making a film on a learning disability with a child as the lead actor. But once I have decided that a film has to be made, no matter what, I try to make it economically viable. When people talk about the film, it sells tickets and becomes commercial.

On acting in a sci-fi film

Frankly I don’t decide what kind of films I want to do. I select them organically. Something in the script has to excite me, and if I do come across that factor in the world of science fiction, I would love to do that. But having said that, technology by itself has made huge leaps in cinema. Today a director can be limited only by his imagination. With the advanced technology available today, he can actually achieve any kind of visuals on screen.

On his role in Dhoom 3

I’m playing a gymnast in Dhoom 3. It was great fun with Abhishek (Bachchan) and Uday (Chopra) on the film. It was great to work with Uday, Abhishek and Katrina (Kaif). Right now, I am busy with the new season of Satyamev Jayate as well Dhoom 3, which releases this year and Rajkumar Hirani’s P.K, which will release next year.

On his success

I don’t know why I have been successful so far. I don’t think about it. I just enjoy my work. But yes, I always want to challenge myself and surprise my audience by doing different work. I believe in the adage, ‘Don’t chase success, chase excellence, and success will come with it’.”

On being Mr Perfectionist

The media has given me the title of being Mr Perfectionist. I don’t know why. But my sister has taken it seriously and gave me a tee-shirt with Mr Perfectionist written on it. But seriously, I feel that there is no such thing as a perfectionist, especially in a creative field like cinema. I don’t consider myself a perfectionist, though I am extremely passionate about my work and leave no stone unturned to achieve the best for my character,” he added.

On the toughest role in his career

Inspector Shekawat, who was mourning the loss of his son, was a tough role, because no matter what he does in life, the shadow of that loss never goes out of his life. So whichever scene I did, that layer had to be apparent. During the shooting, I would start my day by imagining something traumatic happening to me, and that used to set the mood of the day. It was an exhausting experience because every day I would come on the sets and experience this loss,” recalls the actor.

On not attending film awards

I may not have attended the big televised awards ceremonies in the last 18-20 years, but I have attended and accepted other awards. For instance, I accepted an award from the Dinanath Mangeshkar Foundation and also the Gollapudi Srinivas Award in Chennai. I went to the Oscars because I value the Academy Awards. Once a film gets nominated for an Oscar, an entirely new audience gets to see it.

On acting with Salman Khan

Andaz Apna Apna is one of my favourite films too. I would love to work with Salman again. He is great person to work with, and if we come across a script which excites us we would love to work together.”

On being a sportsman

If not actor then I would have loved to be a sportsperson, I was a topper in lawn tennis at state level (played for Maharashtra) and I also love teaching, I would love to have a film school with small number of students who wants to know everything about filmmaking.

By Mini Menon

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