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Human-Animal Alike!

Updated: September 11, 2015 7:30 am

India that is Bharat

ALL are equal before the law. If you break the law, commit a crime, the police come and get you. And this is what they did recently in a town in Germany. A woman walking by the street saw a squirrel “aggressively” following her. She complained to the police—and the police “arrested” the squirrel for the crime of “stalking”. What happened next is not known. Perhaps the squirrel may have argued that it was just going the same way as the woman—and may have even demanded that she should be prosecuted for leveling false accusations against a law-abiding squirrel. But are American squirrels like law-abiding German squirrels? It does not seem so. For recently the Detroit police posted the mug shot of a squirrel on Facebook as a suspect in the theft of 28,000 pounds of snack nuts stored in a truck parked in an isolated place during a week-end. Alas, the trick failed, because probably the squirrel saw its face on Facebook and immediately went for plastic surgery for a different look.

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