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Hulky, Bulky Yet Younger Shahid

Updated: May 29, 2015 11:37 pm

Shahid Kapoor,who is currently holed up in Punjab, is working towards a lean and sinewy “druggie” physique. He’s been asked to get flab-free and has adopted a strict diet of lentils, chappatis, rajma and rice. Paneer and tofu are off the menu. Instead, the vegetarian actor is having protein shakes thrice a day to increase muscle mass. “He’s also eating a lot of salads which he hates, along with a fruit platter and five litres of water,” a leading tabloid has reported.

As far as the exercises go, due to a shoulder-injury he incurred while shooting his last film, he’s going slow. The 34-year-old actor currently has the physique of a much younger man due to functional training. It complements his body type and doesn’t require long hours in the gym. His trainer of 12 years, Abbas Ali, has been keeping him company for the last few days.

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