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How To Prolong Your Phone’s Battery

Updated: August 24, 2013 11:14 am

One of the most common nightmares encountered by all mobile users is the obnoxious low battery warning they get on their smart phones


The battery life hasn’t kept pace with advances in mobile technologies, which resulted in depletion of battery’s life. Battery life is most important for any mobile user. If the battery is in depleted condition, then the mobile is of no use. No one can utilise his/her mobile to its fullest capacity, until and unless its battery is of good quality. These days most mobiles companies are using lithium-ion batteries for good battery life. These lithium-ion batteries are known for its fast charging and longer durability.

To tackle this problem, here are some tips that will give your phone the gift of long battery life:

Don’t fall for full charge and full discharge cycles

There is a common misconception about charging your phone’s battery with full charge and full discharge method. People think it would increase the battery life but the truth is, this method damages the battery extensively. This is because most of the smart phones are now loaded with Lithium-ion batteries which are designed to be charged at a faster rate and there life shortened when completely discharged. So be careful, follow shallow discharge and frequent charge method to increase the life of your battery.

Decrease screen brightness

It is always fun to use your smart phone with full bright screen but this comes at the cost of your battery life. Display consumes battery juice at a much higher rate than any other component present in the phone. Nowadays, many smart phones comes with auto-brightness feature which adjust the brightness of the screen according to the ambient lightning thus, increasing battery life as it restrict the power usage by the screen. But to get the best result just turn your screen brightness down to the lowest setting. This will extend your battery’s life dramatically.

Restrict usage of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS are the biggest enemies of your phone’s battery as they continuously draw power from the battery in order to complete their functions. Disable these when you’re not using, it will add more hours to your phone’s battery life.

Keep it cool

Batteries work best in cooler temperatures, with prolonged warm periods gradually lowering their efficiency over time. Gently fanning it while it charges will surely increase the durability of battery. Try to avoid leaving your phone in a hot car or in direct sunlight as it might damage the battery.

Switch it off

One of the best way to prolong your phone’s battery life is to switch off. It is one of the most trusted technique which increases battery’s life. This method not only conserves the energy of the battery but also enhance its performance. So if you are sleeping or in an area of no reception, switch-off your phone and save some power.

By Rohan Pal

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