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How To Keep Fit Physically And Mentally Under Stress And Strain

Updated: July 10, 2010 2:56 pm

It is human nature to always look for some change in their routine life. Sometimes to get over the routine and to refresh oneself from the mental and physical stress and to keep body and mind fresh and fit. A person should always try not to have any mentel stress. Mental disturbance will lead to inefficiency at work which will affect the job or career ultimately. To avoid all this one has to keep one’s mind engaged in a relaxed way. We can’t always go according to a set time table. But we can pretty well manage time for all the activities of the day or rather week. And more over once you follow a set pattern, it becomes a habit.

            Regular walk in the morning atleast for half an hour can definitely boost your energy. If walking makes a person bored one can engage in other activities like practicising pranayam and surya namaskarams, which can give you relaxation to body and mind. Shopping with friends though you need not buy anything, some window shopping with friends can make you feel good. You can even alter the furniture in your house by shifting their places. Read books in a library. If you find pleasure in discovering new titles and ideas rekindle your soul. If you have no liking for books then there is music you can just lie back and listen to it and even doctors are say that music is a good stress buster.

            Just sit calmly and probe your self a hobby or any subject of your interest. Painting, writing, Computer graphics, gardening, dress designing anything that you can think of. This will not only keep you busy, but can also give you a feeling of satisfaction that you have done something worth while. I know a lady who went into depression by staying all alone at home as her children are away and husband often goes on official tours. She had to be on anti depressants for long time. Her doctor advised her to take up a job to keep herself engaged. In her mid-fifties she started to work in a company and by working on computers whole day she has developed an art for graphic designing and now she is doing wonders. She even posted few of her designs on facebook. She also writes poems in her free time. She herself wonders sometimes as to how she could manage doing all this all of a sudden. That is why one has to probe ones talent. You can always find new means to spend a valuable time.

            Indulging in social work like creating awareness among the poor women and imparting education to the poor children. You can start with your driver or maids children. Go to an old age home and spend time with the elderly which will give you tremendous mental relief. If you have enough time one can also visit a hospital and help the patients. I have done it myself. Help those who have no attendants to move them in wheel chair or help them see a doctor, guide them to various departments of the hospital, make them understand what the doctor has prescribed. By helping them we are indirectly serving the God. As it is said, “Manava Seva ye Madhava Seva”.

            One can play games like chess or solve crossword puzzles which are mentally challenging. For some sort of excitement one can even go out on a vacation or spend the weekened with friends or with family members. Which can be reassuring and can be remembered as good things in life. These are some of the ways which will definitely makes a person keep physically and mentally fit under strenuous working conditions.

By N Suguna

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