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How To Become A Great Leader

Updated: November 16, 2013 1:48 pm

This is a fine book with a great purpose to help you create a masterpiece in your personal and professional life. The writer, a former flight pilot, has created a flight manual and a practical flight plan for you to activate on a daily basis. The emphasis on the critical skills of communication, execution and operations takes the mystery out of high performance. The real-life examples the writer shares from his life experiences makes one smile, think and commit to engaging in the change process. The fundamental way people change is they develop a personal insight and make a deliberate decision to create new behaviours. They then engage in a process of education, conditioning and training to gradually develop and evolve. Against this backdrop, the intent of this book is to help you avoid changing as the result of experiencing a significant emotional event. Rather, you will gain insight from the book that will stimulate you to embrace change and improvement. It is, in fact, a guide to help you develop a plan and create your masterpiece.

The 235-page book, which is divided into 15 chapters, differs from most books for executives, as it explains “how” to increase your and your employees effectiveness and improve relationships. The five communication practices, the execution procedures and the leadership operations make this book a valuable investment. The book identifies and clarifies the knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviours necessary to become a great leader and inspire your people to greatness. Talent helps, but the most important ingredient is what you are able to learn and practice so you will improve.

The book focuses on three critical areas. First and most important is communication. Authentic communication is required to build a team and company that runs smoothly and is productive. Execution is next. Timeliness, precision and competence when demonstrated in the execution of your strategy and tasks will determine an outcome. Operation is the third area. Operation includes designing systems to help teams function and methods to monitor and implement delegation effectively. The author has managed to overcome the trap of setting boundaries between the leadership of business   and of the self. He has intricately and skilfully woven multiple concepts, interspersed with personal stories, into process to produce an integrated whole.

The author provides a practical approach to growth and change. He mentions that his clients are typically very successful executives yet they want improve, to soar and to create a masterpiece. If you are like the majority of these high-achieving executives, you continually strive to improve your performance and your results. The ideas in this book are based on scientific research, years of business experience and observation of what actually works in the real world.

David’s perspective is astute, current and timeless. Whether you are a new or experienced CEO you will find this book full of fresh new insights. If you want to increase profitability, gain an edge on competitors or master your unique competitive advantage you will want to read this book. The methods you learn will result in developing and nurturing mutual trust and respect with others that will benefit you in both your professional and personal life.

By Ashok Kumar

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