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How Not To Back Off In Life

Updated: January 15, 2011 3:15 pm

It is imperative, to use your time well. One way, you can do it, is by celebrating life and the present time, in your life and by developing lasting relationships. Life is a continuing affair. We should, equally enjoy the journey, before reaching the destination.

                Any Destination is not the end of one ambition, because after we reach one destination, we strive for another aspiration. We should get rid of past burdens, as they, otherwise ,would drag us down and pull us back.

                We should forget past and move on or in other words, use Forget the Past And Move On Method. We should treat every day as a new day. We need, to constantly renew, our motivation, which in simple language, means a motive for any action we do. It could be anything, we perform, relating to our profession or job, or business or family or our hobby or hobbies.

                We should invest our time, in the things, which are important to us, in all our life’s activities. This approach is the greatest asset, anybody can have. There is no finality, at any stage in our lives, in which we can say, that we have learnt, all that is, relevant to our calling in life.

                We need, to constantly invest, in improving our competence. Before we can grow professionally, we must grown personally. The time in our life is limited. It is, upto each one of us, to decide, as to what is the most important thing, to which we should be devoting it. It is not, that I do not attend to routine matters. I pay attention to them, only, after my highest priority, work is over.

                Things like shopping is combined by me, with other tasks, when the departmental stores, or concerned shops fall on my way. The stark reality is that we can not determine our priorities, unless, we resolve, as to what are the highest priorities, both in our life and work.

                Then we should make it a point, to make sure, that they find place, not only in our life, but also in our day to day living. The only key to a successful life, is to live by your priorities. We should always be taking time to truly identify, as to, whether what we are doing is the most important thing in our life. You can make, your own assessment of it, on the scale of 1 to 100 or 0 to 10 and then appraise, everything by it. Apart from the computers, and mobile, I still prefer to write on a note book, as to on what I should be spending my time on. This ensures that I do not omit anything vital relevant to my life and work.

                Choose which life-priority is the most important thing for you, It should be yours not only the first, but also second, third, and fourth priority in life. A priority gives a direction to our lives. Whatever you do, your life’s priorities should be used as a compass, to judge its importance

                A few days, I had three engagements, on one day. I weighed the return from each one of them and cut out, one of a cocktail and engagement, which would have meant spending at least three hours in the evening, apart from the journey time of two hours. I wrote a beautiful letter to the host, explaining the circumstances, which prevented me from attending the programme. Some of them were absolutely true and some were garbled. It is impossible to be totally 100 per cent truthful all the time, as we live in social milieu. More over it is not worthwhile to spoil any relationship, with anybody, as long, as it can be maintained with a phone call or a letter.

                It is a routine for even unknown people to ring you up, even on your mobile phone, at all odd hours. Earlier, I used to respond, to every phone call, no matter, from where the call emanated. Now I make it point to ignore some calls, as even the best of mobile number does no longer remain a secret.

                On the same principle, I make it a point to save the numbers I want to respond to and ignore the rest. My idea behind doing it is to make my count and matter, in the ways, most beneficial to me. It is not that I am being egoistic. It is because, I want to use my time, most constructively and helpfully. I do not feel guilty, for living and working, by own priorities, rather than somebody else’s. We can succeed, in our life’s mission and goals, only by living, and doing what we feel matters most to us, in life.

By Joginder Singh

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