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How is the Jaish?

Updated: March 6, 2019 10:50 am

Hats off to the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the NDA-led Modi government for carrying out air strike in retaliation to the Pulwama attack by Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terror group.  Pakistan has not learnt any lesson from the first surgical strike.  Striking back is something Pakistan has unexpected.  Therefore, it is most heartening to see that finally Narendra Modi has chosen to do what every true Indian wanted him to do. This alone explains why all major parties have hailed this action.  Hence, it is worth mentioning that the government has brought about a fundamental change in policy to deal with terrorism. Any act of terror within the country will result in painful consequences for Pakistan. We have waited several decades for this model of response and the Modi government must be commended for it. However, while the focus is on Pakistan, let us not forget China’s crucial role in helping JeM function without let or hindrance. Meanwhile, on its own soil, China is clamping down on Muslims with an iron hand. Pakistan is one of the most unethical nations on the planet. Therefore, the rest of the world has to make a concerted effort to isolate this practically rogue nation–Pakistan. The process will be painful because China will react viciously, but it will be well worth the trouble. India’s response should be two-pronged– coercive diplomacy to isolate Pakistan including stringent economic isolation through ban on any trade relations with it. At the same time, India must develop strong defence capabilities in terms of surveillance technologies, air and ground systems, upgradation of military equipment and come at par with Chinese defence capabilities. This is important to stop China from implicitly supporting Pakistani military infrastructure and to counter it at global forums. Because of Chinese support to Pakistan, terrorism is also getting helped. But it cannot be gainsaid that after all, India–its army, its leadership and its people–has spoken. We will not allow Pakistan to terrorise us; we will not restrict ourselves to comfy rooms, only sitting about discussing strategic moves. We will actually tear in and tear apart.  Hence, the voices of social media: “How’s the Josh? “High, Sir!” “How’s the Jaish?”  “Dead, Sir!” The looks on the faces of the people in Pakistan’s PMO meeting tells the whole story. That the IAF planes are armed with Israeli Precision Guided Munitions (PGM) is the icing on the cake.  Get as much help from Israel and wipe these Pakistan-based terrorists out. Enough is enough.

Pakistan, which is a failed state, keeps attacking us, so that their Army can keep painting India as the bogeyman. Otherwise, their people will wake up to the pitiable state of their country even after more than 70 years of independence. In fact, there will be no peace between India and Pakistan as long as Pakistan sponsors extremism and terrorism in Kashmir Valley and does not leave Kashmir issue. India has only one choice to choke Pakistan economically and politically. India should make it known to the world that who supports Pakistan is not a well wisher of India. Against this backdrop, it is apt to say that attack is the best form of defence, which has been proved beyond doubt, one more time. However, the self-proclaimed secular brigade of Lutyen’s Delhi is terming this air strike an aggression. But, where is the question of aggression? There were camps to train terrorists, which the Pakistan government refused to close down, despite several dossiers sent |by India. Pulwama was the last straw to test India’s patience. As Pakistan, despite promises to take action against terror outfits, consistently failed to do so, India had to take credible action. This message should be grasped by Pakistan, shedding its pride, and should work hard to ensure peace in its and neighbour’s soil. Handing over the remaining and wanted terrorists, still roaming free in Pakistan, to India for their past crimes is the only sober response that Pakistan can give now to international community. Nothing more and nothing less. For, the usual peace process does not cut any ice anymore. India has patiently, for 72 years now, hoped for a change in the attitude of Pakistan, despite unremitting jihad from day one, countless skirmishes, four wars, enduring hostility all around, burgeoning Pakistan-sponsored terrorism since the 1980s all over our country, nuclear blackmail, etc. But, all that optimism has always come unstuck and the patience has been in utter vain. If it was first the US, Britain, West Asian monarchies that sustained Pakistan and allowed its terrorist activities, it has since the 1990s been the Chinese, West Asian monarchies and occasionally the US that continue to sustain Pakistan’s jihadi terrorism. We are simply naive to smoke the peace pipe after Chattisinghpora, Kaluchak, Badamibagh, Parliament, 26/11, Uri, Pathankot and now Pulwama attacks. There is a limit to naivety. Only cowards see ghosts in every shadow to justify cowardice. Therefore, the surgical strike 2.0 is a strong message to Pakistan, which will deter the terrorists to carry out further attacks and will be a big lesson for them. At the same time, India should not keep quiet after this surgical strike, but should plan more such attacks to completely eradicate the terror camps in Pakistan.   Now that we have complete international support, including the UN, it is the best time for us to teach Pakistan.   And finally, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has to be hailed and all Opposition parties should rally around him at this hour, instead of resorting to politics.

By Deepak Kumar Rath

([email protected])

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