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Home Minister Amit Shah praises security forces for their efforts to fight COVID-19

Updated: July 13, 2020 1:21 pm
Home Minister Amit Shah has praised security forces for their efforts to fight Covid 19 in the country. He said, India is one of the most populous countries. Everyone thought how will a country like India battle COVID19, there were apprehensions but today the whole world is witnessing how one of the most successful battles against COVID19 has been fought here.

Mr Shah said, in India’s battle against COVID19, all of our security forces are playing a huge role. He said, our security forces have proved that they not only know how to fight terrorism but also against the pandemic with help of people. Mr Shah said, India is on a strong pedestal in the fight against COVID-19 under the leadership of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the motto ‘One People, One Thought, One Nation. The Home Minister was addressing an All India Tree Plantation Campaign’ run by the Central Armed Police Forces in Gurugram yesterday. Mr Shah said, the nationwide CAPF tree plantation drive has set a target of 1.37 crore saplings. He said, we should harness natural resources and not exploit them.

The Home Minister said, however, today due to consumerism, this balance has been disturbed and as a result we are facing the challenges of Climate Change and Global Warming. Emphasising on the important role played by trees in reducing pollution, Mr Shah said that various varieties of saplings have been chosen in this plantation drive such as peepal, jamun, neem, vatavriksh, burgud based on their oxygen giving capability and abilities to survive in different seasons.

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