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Holy Cow and Communal Mahatma

Updated: December 18, 2015 11:16 am

WITH so much beef about beef-eating all round, Satiricus is not surprised to see a recent newspaper article invoking Gandhi and revealing to us Hindu ignoramuses that “Gandhi made really strong case against the ban on cow slaughter”, written by a writer who has won an award for writing fiction. Now by the sacred tenets of secular journalism invoking Gandhi’s name is enough to put an end to all communal controversies. So this learned lady proudly claims she is on the same wavelength as Gandhi in respect of opposition to ban on cow slaughter. In fact she is as much against the constitution of India as Gandhi was, even before it was drawn up, for upholding such a ban.

Well, now, that settles it, no? And where does she specifically agree with Gandhi? Where he said, “How can my religion also be the religion of the rest of the country?”Of course not. How can the religion of 85 per cent of Indians be the religion of the rest (15 per cent) of Indians? Then was it to show solidarity with the minority that Gandhi once thought of leaving Hinduism and embracing Christianity?Satiricus does not know, but this fiction writer may know the truth about what Gandhi thought.

Then again, being a Hindu ignoramus, Satiricus thought (as Congress leader Dr. Karan Singh did) that calling India a Hindu country (simply because 85 per cent Indians are Hindus) did not make it a theocratic country. But of course what does he know? Obviously he knows not what Gandhi knew, and, after Gandhi, only this fiction-writer knows. Curiously enough, Christian countries from the Far West to the Far East seem to share Satiricus’s Hindu ignorance. In the USA President Obama got himself photographed on the steps of a church to show he was a Christian ruling a Christian country, and in the Far East a prime minister of Australia once declared Australia was a Christian country. Did that make either USA or Australia a theocracy? Not to Satiricus’s knowledge. But again, what does Hindu (and so by definition anti-secular) Satiricusknow? He does not know the truth of Gandhi’s Hinduism that this fiction-writer knows. Isn’t that precisely why she is a writer of prize-winning fiction?

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