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HINO (Hindus in Name Only) Syndrome

By Dr. Vivek Kaul
Updated: September 16, 2019 5:23 pm

Somtime in 1991 my dad had heard in the Coffee Home at Connaught Place that there will be a Kashmiri Hindu Exodus seminar in South Delhi. Coffee Home in Delhi was the Facebook & WhatsApp of its time for Kashmiri Pandit community. Around 80% of customers were the Hindu refugees from Kashmir driven out by Jehadified Society , post 1990. There were no mobile phones in India then . This coffee house was the hub of Kashmiri refugees. All important news incl pension updates were dispersed here amongst cheap affordable coffee and snacks all costing under Rs 5. Dosa was the most expensive item at Rs. 3.50

I went along with my dad to this Kashmiri Hindu meeting. To my surprise it was well represented by the press. My mom was very proud. She said leader of Kashmiri Hindus is her ex . Student from Kashmir Univ Hindi dept. In fact I had met him in the university in late 1980s and mom used to encourage her students by having quality seminars for them. He was a good poet. Post seminar parties were always at nearby Nageen Club. I would attend them as moms chamcha. Mom organised so many seminars for her loving students that I lost count of Goshtabas & Ristaas.

During speeches, dad pointed me towards a petite foreign lady in the front row. He said she is a CIA agent. I was taken aback. I was like WOW dad. How come! He smiled and said I know them when I see them. He had seen hundreds of spies in post-war Germany. They used to have all the luxuries – their job – to watch people from lovely cafes with one newspaper , one beer and plateful of pretzels.

During tea break, dad told me Chalo isko Hi boltey hain. Dad walked up to her and said Hi, are you from CIA ! Her blood drained off her face including mine. I did not expect this intro from dad. She regained composure and said she worked for American embassy as First Secy. She said how did dad know she was from CIA. Dad said sweety “I know one when I see one”. She was now smiling and said if we are free on Monday why don’t we drop at her office at American Embassy. We had to enter via the front entrance and our names will be with the security. She took our names.

I was impressed. Wow, dad. I thought this man is so so intelligent since I have known him as an adult, in-fact as a child.

Come Monday we went to meet her. She met us at the front entrance of US embassy.

We followed her to her first floor large office. On her walls of the office were maps of India with state & district-wide population distribution incl caste & religion subdivision.

She came to the point. She wanted to recruit a huge number of agents for the CIA. KGB and her new avatar had totally taken over Indian landscapes including academia, she said. She went on saying how KGB destroyed India since 1950s. Dad told her it was the US who had taken Pakistan under its wings in the early 1950s and India was forced to seek friendship with USSR. She agreed but wanted CIA to become proactive since the fall of Soviet Union. She said press, politicians & academics like in JNU university were on Soviet payroll since decades. Dad again agreed. Our defence and Kashmir veto needs had put us in the soviet lap he told her. Meeting ended on a happy note of American cookies and coffee. She promised to be in touch.


  1. Pahalgam Kashmir (KGB spy)

Dad was in electrical dept . He would also oversee that all Kashmir valley gets rural electrification. Rural bijli was a vote winner bar none. On odd occasions he would get Special CM’s order to look after VVIPs for their uninterrupted power supply esp in touristy State Guest houses.

He got a telephone call that a VVIP would be visiting Pahalgam for few days and Kashmir’s famed Tawaza Hospitality dept will look after him and not much was revealed about the VVIP.

Dad went to Pahalgam & his dept. set up the special AC transformer for the State guest. Dad found the state guest to be a friendly Bengali gentleman. He got on very well with dad and said he worked for one of the Communist party. They discussed many subjects incl Bolshevik revolution and Karl Marx. The gentleman was disarmed by dads charm and knowledge & wanted to tell dad what he actually did. He said he works for the KGB & his job was to escort East European girls via Moscow to New Delhi. He would choose them for Indian politicians, bureaucrats, press & academics. They had many safe farmhouses in Delhi. By this, they would ensure to control Indian administration including the thought process of university students via the academics. He mentioned that JNU was one such totally compromised university. Dad had an idea about many things via his network of friends but he had never met a high ranking spy like this gentleman.

1950s- Game plan of KGB

Nikita Khrushchev and Nikolai Bulganin led the first official Russian visit to India, in November-December 1955. Wanting to impress their hosts, Khrushchev brought along a substantial delegation, comprising representatives of the USSR Foreign Ministry and Central Asian republics.

The Russians were housed at Rashtrapati Bhavan, the figurehead President’s official residence. The visitors encountered some unexpected hostility from day one. President Rajendra Prasad’s attitude toward the delegation was very unfriendly. An altogether gloomy character, Prasad was also very religious and was upset by the fact that communists and meat eaters were being housed in the presidential palace. Alcohol was secretly shipped by PM Nehru for them.

Enter PM Bakshi Gulam Mohd. He sensed the Soviet disquiet.

He invited the Russian delegation to Kashmir n gave them a reception of a lifetime including hosting an opera by Dina Nath Nadim. Russians were floored and they said Kashmir is definitely a part of India just shout across the mountains & Russia will always help you. Famous Goshtaba ( meatball ) diplomacy was fine-tuned by Bakshi Saab during this visit.

Russian happiness & debt was repaid by them at UNO in 1957 on a crucial Kashmir issue.

On 23 January 1957 Menon delivered an unprecedented eight-hour two-day marathon speech defending India’s stand on Kashmir. To date, the speech is the longest ever delivered in the United Nations Security Council, covering five hours of the 762nd meeting on 23 January, and two hours and forty-eight minutes on the 24th, reportedly concluding with Menon’s collapse on the Security Council floor.

Menon’s passionate defence of Indian sovereignty in Kashmir enlarged his base of support in India, and led to the Indian press temporarily dubbing him the “Hero of Kashmir”.

Not Menon’s flow of words but a single nyet (NO in Russian) uttered by Russia’s Arkady Sobolev called a halt to the U.N.’s efforts to mediate in Kashmir, little over a month after his speech. The Soviet Veto defeated the Pakistani panzer like an attack on India.

By casting the Soviet Union’s 79th veto in the Security Council, Sobolev effectively killed a resolution, jointly sponsored by the U.S., Cuba. Britain and Australia, to send Council President Gunnar Jarring of Sweden to Kashmir as a step “toward the settlement of the dispute.” The resolution did not mention plebiscite. but noted in passing that former U.N. resolutions calling for demilitarization and a plebiscite in Kashmir had so far been ignored.

In early 1950s Pakistan was in US camp & we were dependent on the Soviet Union for arms & Kashmir veto at the UNO.

Soviets extracted a heavy price for this twin need of India by sensing an opportunity to replace Indian culture with their ideology of communism.

This started the giant KGB programme of taking over Indian administration incl Press by hefty bribes & replacing their briefs with Soviet ideology.

They found Hinduism mindset in the way & found ways to neutralise it with mostly bribes of large sums of money. The grand plan was to denigrate Hinduism and paint it as a greedy Pro-Bhramanical anti lower castes, anti peasants, anti-minority religion. Press also had to play a big part of this tirade.

Initial members came from the West Bengal communists. They were as casteist as any other hierarchical party. Eighty per cent of the politburo still consists of Brahmins and another upper caste. They wield absolute control and use Dalits as their workers to spread hate against the affluent class and give them an ideological motive to voice their angst. The PWG, Naxals, Maoist and Telangana movement were all spearheaded by mostly educated Brahmin communists.

This intelligentsia was cleverly chosen by the KGB and the Chinese to spread their ideology. They were given money and status to carry out their hate agenda. These high-class Brahmins had earned a demigod like a stature among the downtrodden who were ready to die for them as they found a hope in them to liberate themselves from poverty and exploitation. The governments too looked the other way and let them carry out their violence and propaganda. These messiahs of hate then infiltrated into the educational institutions and brainwashed young impressionable minds to create cadres all over the country. Their main recruits were Dalit students, Christians & Muslims. They were mainly successful in Kerala and West Bengal but now that Bengal had fallen, they joined the bandwagon of opposition parties.

They still are elitist dangerous and unpatriotic in their character. Even though the communists are being eroded gradually all over the world but India has yet to get rid of them.

It would be amiss not to touch about the genesis of Leftist movement in West Bengal.

Zamindari system had produced a huge divide between the exploitative Landlords aka Zamindaars and their poor workers.

The Leftish movement which hit Bengal and changed the land rules forever was started by an aristocrat zamindar Charu Mazumdar.

He revolutionised the movement against a system that he was born in.

Later the socialists and key players helped them to play a powerful political inning in Bengal and Kerala.

Many out of work and power erstwhile zamindars and other British era aristocrats were influenced and joined the Naxalites.

They and the communists were banned but the government still could not stop them from spreading its seemingly pro-poor policies. They were also later remote-controlled by Soviets & China.

HINOs get a university- Jawaharlal Nehru University.

The Assembly line production of HINO thought process.

KGB made sure that to influence country’s youth you need a brainwashing factory. JNU was established in 1969. Soviets saw to it that the first lot of faculty, who largely came from Presidency College in Calcutta (now Kolkata), set the tone.

They were Marxist in their writings & followed the Left politics of India — a trend that has continued till date.

Initial faculty used to have exchange programs with Soviet universities to brainwash them further. If any faculty was being difficult they were honey-trapped by young blonde girls in USSRv & KGB ensured the bedroom photos were developed overnight and given to the faculty. They had a very limited option but to yield to KGB demands.

Emergency Period c. 1975

KGB and the Leftist played a huge role during Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s 1975 Emergency rule. She had lost her court case at Allahabad Court for election irregularities. KGB convinced her that it was a CIA ploy to take over her country. She promulgated the 1975 Emergency on KGB say so via the leftists. By that time Mrs Gandhi was taking Soviet bribes as Party funds and it continued till the disastrous rule of Janata Party and fall of which eventually brought her back to power and in happy KGB camp. KGB ensured during the emergency period that India’s premier news agency

PTI renamed Samachar was nothing but a pro-government mouthpiece and was filled up with HINOs. HINOs occupied all editorial and administrative positions and new recruits were coming in from JNU type leftist institutions.

Judiciary was also compromised completely by promoting HINOs judges for the top benches.

I once talked to mighty Maratha Balasahib Thackeray & he told me, Vivek all editors are picked for jobs by the same Cong – Leftist cabal. He used to call Times of India as Time of Pakistan. He said he had to start his own Hindi paper called Samana to print pro patriotic news. He said cabal controlled PTI & English press waere only interested in Anti-Hindu sensational news. This was decades before Social media took over our lives. Bala Sahib further told me that after fall of Soviet Union, ISI has replaced KGB as paymasters to finance HINOs.

Do we have HINO equivalents in Islam, Sikhism or Christianity?

No they don’t. You won’t find Muslim or Sikh journalists or academicians criticising Islam or Sikhs respectively or planting deliberately anti Muslim or Anti-Sikh news.

Because Muslim & Sikhs don’t produce their shameless version of HINOs.

HINOs take the full advantage of loose structure of Hinduism & indulge in widespread criticism of Hindus. They don’t have guts to criticise Islam & Khalistanis. No they won’t ever do that.

In Islam & Sikhism they know how to control their flocks unlike the rudderless or anchor less Hinduism.

Why don’t organised religions produce their versions of HINOs? Very legitimate question.

Organised religions like Islam or even Sikhism have a very elaborate free masonry type justice system.

In Islamic countries any one perceived to be anti Islamic in their writings remotely is subjected to the harshest of punishment to act like deterrence for others in the future.

Even in Kashmir people saying Anti-Jehadi language were later seen to give video apologies after being visited by goons from the local mosques.

People will remember from memory how ex-Home Minister Buta Singh was excommunicated by Akhal Takth & after some 10 years asked to clean shoes and utensils for a Gurudwara for few weeks for his action deemed unlawful by the Sikh High command.

Religious Deterrence is the biggest weapon against people speaking in a biased bigoted manner.


HINOs Modus operandi

It’s not surprising that they thrive on Hindu subdivisions of caste & religion divide. They align with Congress, left, Muslims & try to be champion of downtrodden for vote bank politics. By doing so they ensure a huge voting bloc. Appeasements in form of loans, preferential treatment and minority grants are given to keep them in good humour.

As an example, under PM MMS, Arjun Singh’s political games at the HRD ministry, the stock argument was that India needed an educational system that promoted excellence and merit rather than any particular ideology. By favouring pro-Left and Muslim academics in various ways, he created a constituency of support among those who tended to be critical of the Hindu ideology. Such was the sycophancy he encouraged that the Jamia Millia University to name a street after him in return of sops for Muslim lobby in the name of sham secularism.

Secularism in Real India is a one-way street where its carried on the shoulders of mostly Hindus & rest are Tamashabeens ( onlookers ), to be brutally honest.

Many Muslims are unashamedly unpatriotic & anti-Hindu, but secularism means to ignore this and carry on regardless. Try going to Muslim ghettos of Indian cities to see their anti-Hindu/ India hatred.

Secularism in India also means to make fun of Hindus by mostly HINOs _Hindus in Name Only.

This is not real Secularism but deceit.

This hatred by HINO brigade incl Muslims will force India to become a Hindu Rashtra in very near future. I can hear the murmurs of it already in the corridors of power too. The situation will reach a critical mass when HINOs in administration, press, academics & their people in society will continue with their anti-Hindu tirade disguised as ‘intolerance’, selective lynching reporting & continued biased reporting.

Before I forget another subset of HINOs are Christians who keep Hindu names to fool trusting Hindus.


Part 2


Way Forward

  1. HINOs in their various avatars ie Leftists, Minority appeasers for votes have been rendered bit less lethal by the back to back election victories of the BJP.

HINOs are down but not out. They still are in the academic milieu, in the judiciary, in journalism & activism.

To get the atmosphere HINO neutral, they have to be defeated in elections. Academic institutions will need a mini McCarthyism. During the McCarthy era, in 1950s, hundreds of Americans were accused of being “communists” or “communist sympathisers”; they became the subject of aggressive investigations and questioning before government or panels, committees, and agencies. Even great Charlie Chaplin was dubbed a communist sympathiser & had to go to exile in Switzerland and only returned in 1970s.

I am not advocating harsh McCarthyism but department to department wise assessment including Educational & administrative audit of people to get HINOs identified and put on correction programme.

Active denazification type of programme must be initiated for HINOs. Denazification was an Allied initiative to rid German and Austrian society, culture, press, economy, judiciary, and politics of the National Socialist ideology (Nazism). It was carried out by removing those who had been Nazi Party or SS members from positions of power and influence and by disbanding or rendering impotent the organizations associated with Nazism.

HINOs were once in an extremely powerful position in Indian society & they have infiltrated in all sections of society. An active dedicated programme can first identify them by the work and deeds including writings.

It’s tough but removing article 370 was tougher believe you me.

  1. Hinduism needs to unite & reform in a major way. Majority of HINOs are produced because Hinduism has provided no robust guidance & religious counselling like other religions but produce a harmful second or third generation of HINOs.
  2. United Hinduism has to get rid of cancer called caste system which the political class have kept alive since independence to keep Hindus divided. Reservations should be based on the economic needs of the whole population & not based on caste. United Hinduism can also be a deterrent to religious conversions. You don’t see religious conversion to Christianity in Muslim countries. The consequences are too gruesome.
  3. Various Hindu organisations are working in silos with no inter-organisational synergy between them. This is a major challenge towards the unity of Hindus. Unity of Hinduism is central to eradicating unwanted unpatriotic HINO subclass.
  4. The silver lining is that toxic HINOs are still much less than their enemies ie Hindus. But this could change if their unpatriotic March is not stopped in the next 5 years or so.

By Dr. Vivek Kaul

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