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“Hindus Remain Silent When They Are Suppressed In The Name Of Development”

Updated: November 8, 2014 2:01 pm

Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swamy Nischalananda Saraswati, Peethedheeshwar of Rig Vedic Goverdhan Monastery of Eastern Region Puri, Odisha in an interactive session with Editor Deepak Kumar Rath, speaks volume on the matters of religion, politics and other matters. Excerpts:

Today there is a chaos in the country on the issue of worshipping Sai Baba. What do you have to say on this?

Just for a second imagine that if my statue is kept in a temple right beside the statue of Lord Ram and Krishna, or it is being showcased more prestigiously than other Gods, then only time will decide whether my statue will be worshipped or not.   But people minds are different. According to them, Lord Ram and Lord Krishna were the avatars of Lord Vishnu and in their time they might be humans too. This damage the traditional believe in the almighty, in the avatar of Purna Purushottam. There is no one way to express one’s believe. It is not valid that to express one’s belief, people will establish the idol of the person in whom they believe with or above the traditional deity’s. For example, every virtuous wife reveres her husband as a god but she doesn’t force to establish her husband’s statue in a temple with other gods. Muslims have faith in their Mohammed sahib, but they would never like to see his idol placed with Hindu gods. There are many facilities to express one’s belief. Who was Rahim? Who was Raskhan? Who was Kabir? They all praised Lord Ram and Lord Krishna but none of their followers decided to place them with or above the mighty lord.

Every Friday, religious education is given by Muslims in Madarasa and mosque. On Sundays Christians teach religion in church. You told us that the saints have the power to govern Hindu dharma. So who will give the religious education to our children and in which way?

We have written a Niti Nidhi book. The book is completed in 453 pages. It has 20 chapters and it has everything. Once the person reads the book carefully then he will come across the ingredients that are required to become a good human. In this book not a single verse is by me. All are taken from the Vedic scriptures. We have given 80 pages on politics only. We have tried to summarise all the Vedas. Our social and cultural organisations should carry forward this book and it should be used in teaching at temples.

In this era of cultural and social transition, there is a need that we should learn about spiritual education.

There are many anti-Hindu activities in the society. What is your reaction?

Because of greed of power and scarcity of Indian cultural ethos, our political system has become directionless. That is why some unwanted elements are trying to destroy the mechanism of Hinduism. Directionless market and government machinery are the cause of the increase of such elements. If we are able to give right direction to our government machinery, then those who are trying to dent the social structure can be neutralised. We are strong in all respect, whether it is philosophy, scientific or being pragmatic. We are world leader on the grounds of ideology. But we only lag behind when our Constitution does not support our cultural ethos. Once we revive these things, then every element who are trying to engulf us will finally merge with us.

Management of churches and masjids are with their respective communities, but temples’ control are in the hands of the government. Don’t you think management of mandirs’ should be with Hindus only?

In Tirupati Balaji Temple, whatever the sanatani Hindus give as obesience to lord is sent to all those educational institutes, where everything is done to destroy the Hindu culture and traditions. It is a conspiratory hatched by the government. These mutts and mandirs are spiritual forts and government has no right to take these in its hand. These conditions were not there even when we were under foreign rule. There are four “peeths” with sanctions from Jagadguru Shankaracharya, of which Govardhan Math Puri is also a part . That monastery is also under Odisha government, Endowment Act and Jagannath act. These barbaric Acts aims that these spiritual centres could not flourish. Under the guise of development of these centres, total anarchy is maintained there. This is an attack on these spiritual centres and it is oppression.

Recently, the nation got a new leadership. Do you think that under the leadership of Narendra Modi, country will move forward?

No prime minister had the capability to give leadership in the spiritual area and neither can he do it. It is simple, the area which he is not aware, and the area of which he doesn’t have much knowledge what steps he can take. He has to learn from a specialist and an expert. His mental ability and confidence is solid. He is also taking steps very cautiously but there is one thing he has to remember that India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru enamored people towards scientific knowledge from religion and almighty. In India, the politics is happening in the name of development and revenue. We have closely watched that the Hindus remain silent when they are suppressed in the name of development and revenue. Few who retaliate, are oppressed by maneuver force. The way cows are being slaughtered like vegetables and killing of buffalo and cow, are all part of this system. Ganga has been distorted and is on verge to extinction due to the project of development and revenue. And same is the situation of Yamuna. Hindus are been suppressed in the name of development. So, if Narendra Modi takes steps with caution and outstretches India’s culture after understanding it, then it is alright, otherwise we have to think that will India be nourished or exploited by the foreign companies. We have to be analytical about those companies who are present in the country. Now, Indian business’s which were running in its traditional form, has to be developed. Raw materials are to be used in India first and then exported, and then it would be a wise step. We have schemes to use the thorium stores found in our country. Likewise, if our traditional academic, defence, commerce and labour forces are used wisely, then this country can go miles ahead. Modiji’s confidence is par excellence, but he has to understand the basis of Indian culture and on that basis he needs to redefine the politics of the country and implement the development agenda. It is not that he can do whatever India expects from him or he understands the process which will make Bharat, a Bharat in its purest form.


India is facing threat both internally and externally and especially with Islamic extremists. So what is the role of sadhus in protecting and fighting from such extremists?

The system has flawed the sadhu fraternity. They made their organisation workers as saints and narrator. Those who are believed to be sadhu fraternity, they are actually the tools of political parties. You don’t know about actual sadhu fraternity. Show me any four saints or any saints giving spiritual discourse are not stamped by the Bhartiya Janta Party or the Congress. Is sadhu fraternity made by the system? The spiritual gurus who are made by the system, can they will be useful? Saints are oppressed because the government wanted to destroy our traditions. This has been going on for the last 67 years. Those who are left, with god’s grace, will showcase their powers and are doing too. Now, the question arises of the borders. So, one should remember that from 1911 to August 14, 1947, Britishers have partitioned India four times. Sri Lanka Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, all are British partitioned Indian parts. From August 15, 1947 to till date, power hungry prime ministers; have partitioned the country nine times. Not a single day goes without neighbouring countries army not entering our borders. Not a single district in this country is left, where for vote bank, anarchic elements are not settled and Hindus are driven out. Whole country is shredded from within by these prime ministers. It is not easy to understand and govern this country.

During the car festival, Naveen Patnaik tried to tamper with thousand-year-old tradition…

Naveen Patnaik government has surrendered in front of ‘four’ anarchic elements, which means these elements are running the government. By tampering with thousand-year-old traditions, a full majority Odisha government has shown that they have bent their knees in front of these elements.

Swami Laxmananand was murdered and…

If he was murdered then what did this society do for that? He was murdered on the auspicious day of Krishna Janmashtami. At that time the BJP was part of the government with Naveen Patnaik. Culture minister was from the BJP. Who ordered Laxmanand’s security cover to be taken off? Was It done on the order of government or not? What was the BJP doing at that time?

So what does sadhu fraternity is doing in this regard?

Which sadhu fraternity you are talking about? Sadhu fraternity of the Congress or the BJP? SP’s or Lalu’s? Did they leave the sadhu fraternity the way it was? Every traditional sadhu is being sought by these parties to further their political outreach. This fraternity remains only in name and nothing else.

The policy paralysis in this country for the last sixty years, has hampered the growth to much extend. How we will compensate that?

If the Prime Minister has tension for these things, then he should contact us. We will do it in a flash.

                (Translated by Rohan Pal)

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