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Hindus Must Stand United Now

Updated: May 2, 2022 12:20 pm

By Deepak Kumar Rath


The communal tension in the country seems to be increasing day by day. It is not surprising that the seed of this growing tension has been sown by a section of the so-called peace-loving Muslims, whether it is the violence of Kirori in Rajasthan, or the violence of Khargone in Madhya Pradesh, or the violence of Jahangir Puri in Delhi. Can one say that the divisive forces, who were involved in Uttar Pradesh to destabilise our society and create unrest amongst different sections of the people, are frustrated now after losing UP elections and are perpetrating such criminal activities?  When the Hindu processions, whether this is the occasion of Ram Navami or Hanuman Janmotsav, pass through the so-called Muslim-dominated areas, it leads to stone-pelting, targeted attacks, arson and vandalism. The violent targeting of Hindu festivals every year dismantles the farce of Ganga-Yamuni tehzeeb, shrewdly imbibed into the Indian psyche. Here it is apt to mention that stone pelting starts from the roofs of mosques and adjoining houses. Shops and vehicles are set ablaze at the sight. The high spirits of the rioters can be gauged from the fact that they do not hesitate to attack even the policemen. Home Minister Amit Shah has rightly advised to take strong actions against the so-called hardcore criminals so that they would not dare repeat such activities.   Earlier, during the riots of 26 January 2021 during the farmers’ movement, the country had also seen pictures of miscreants attacking the police administration. Furthermore, what would you call it when the police was taking Ansar Mohammed, the main accused of the Jahangir Puri Delhi riots, to the court, he was doing the action of Pushpa film “Jhukega Nahi”. The police, in front of which a common man loses his sweat in getting bail, lose their sweat in stopping such criminals’ bail, not to speak of punishing them.

What an irony that the BJP is blamed for such communal riots and violent events, while the Congressmen, communists and socialists have perpetrated all these incidents because of their declining political supremacy. Here it is worth considering as to why would any ruling party taint its governance system by carrying out such riots and communal violence? It has become the permanent character of the political parties and communities that intend to bring down the nationality and the growing credibility of this country, that they give more importance to their selfishness, their caste and their religion than their nation. All political parties do not hesitate to take recourse to casteism and communalism in the greed of bulk votes. Those who want to maintain their caste and religion, they should have complete freedom, but to what extent is it justified to spread hatred, increase high and low riots and sabotage in their name? If this trend continues to flourish in the country, India will remain the same geographically, but mentally it will break into pieces. The situation of such uncertainty and fear is a sign of crisis for any nation. Against this backdrop, the importance of the latest decisions of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath can be understood in view of the incidents of communal violence in many states of the country with a view to ending these crises. Yogi is known to be a strict administrator and his latest instructions indicate this. Chief Minister Yogi gave clear instructions in the law and order review meeting of the state that neither new religious processions should be allowed nor loudspeakers should be installed at new shrines. In the context of traditional processions, he has directed to follow the prescribed norms. There is no doubt that faith is a purely personal matter and the law of the land gives freedom of worship to all its citizens. But when faith starts turning into competition, then it also comes under the purview of law.

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