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“Hindus cannot be terrorists”—Anant Kumar Hegde

Updated: August 28, 2010 11:36 am

Anant Kumar Hegde is a young and dynamic personality, as he has made great contribution in the fields of education, sports and social service. For his selfless service not only in his constituency but in the whole state, he has been elected to Parliament for four times from Uttara Kannada parliamentary constituency. Being a BJP MP, he worked with great zeal and determination in all sectors—be it education, health, social awareness, uplift of the downtrodden, women empowerment, etc. No wonder, Mr Hegde has a large fan following not only in his constituency but in the entire state, who are inspired by his talent and unwavering social services and want to follow in his footsteps. In an interview to Uday India, Mr Anant Kumar Hegde elaborated on his party’s policies and strategies to weed out internal and security problems besides bringing the state on the path of development. Excerpts:

Of late, the nation is confronted with multiple issues like price rise, internal security, etc. How is your party going to expose the misdeeds of the UPA-II?

I agree with you. But talking about price rise, I must admit that in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, the entire Opposition has been united. Unfortunately, regarding the internal security issue, there have been some disparities among a few Opposition parties. The country is besieged by Maoists helped by China, illegal Bangladeshi Islamic infiltration, north-eastern problems and then the Jammu and Kashmir imbroglio, aided and abetted by Pakistan’s infamous ISI. Whenever we raise these issues, we could not unite ourselves as different opposition parties for their vote-bank considerations keep distance from us.

Do you think the BJP should again raise the issue of Ram Temple?

The issue of Ram Temple should not be diluted. Crores of peoples’ sentiments both in India and abroad are very sentimentally attached to this issue. Therefore, all other issues are behind the Ram Temple issue. Sri Ram represents Indian ethos and culture, therefore a magnificent, grandeur temple at Ramjanmabhoomi in Ayodhya should be built.

NDA had been in power for two terms but the issue of Ram could not be solved or resolved. What do you say?

During those two tenures of NDA, the case was with the judiciary and till it is with the judiciary, we could not take any proper decision either in Parliament or at the government level. I hope it will be solved at the earliest.

The media is repeatedly raising the issue of Hindu terror. Are some Hindu leaders really involved in blasts?

Absolutely not. It is a false statement. Today, media are hypocrite and biased, save for some positive thinkers. Can they manage the situation? Do they have any planning? Is criticising the political system, government their only duty? Hindus cannot be a terror, as from the beginning Islamic invaders or even before, we have been the sufferers. I think Hindus are retaliating. Unfortunately, Hindu are fighting for their own survival in their own country. Whereas, in the name of jihad thousands of Hindus had been slaughtered, and run our of their homes and hearth. The Hindu Kashmiris are living in refugees camps in their own country under very miserable conditions. Furthermore, people are still killed mercilessly everyday in Kashmir and on Bangla border. Then why do the media not use words—Islamic terror.

By Sonia Chawla

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