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Himalayan Pink Salt

Updated: July 25, 2015 7:00 am

Himalayan pink salt is one of the purest forms of salt available in the nature. It is so called because it is found in the Himalayan ranges and derived from ancient salt deposits. We normally use white salt for all our culinary purposes. No doubt it is easily available and pocket friendly.   But today I am giving you the benefits of Himalayan pink salt. It is rich in many minerals and some trace minerals and has an answer to a number of health issues we face daily. Consumption of Himalayan salt provides essential minerals, trace elements, balances electrolytes and increases circulation.


De- hydration: Himalayan pink salt water solution provides the body the much needed electrolytes that regulate hydration. Most sports drinks include some of the major electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium as their main ingredients. The reason for this is that the body absorbs electrolytes faster than water and when these two are combined your body’s hydration level increases. So it is healthier to try Himalayan pink salt with water to control the water levels within the body and regulating them for proper functioning.

Lowers blood pressure: Unlike most salts that increase the blood pressure levels, Himalayan pink salt on the other hand has been proven to lower your pressure significantly. By having right amount of salt in your system it can increase blood flow and at the same time reduce your blood pressure. This is because the pink salt is absorbed into your blood stream more efficiently than the common salt. When used in moderate amounts it can help regulate pressure and stimulate better circulation.


Detoxification: Most illnesses are caused by high levels of toxins present in our body due to preservatives and environmental contaminants. By drinking two teaspoons of Himalayan pink salt dissolved in room temperature water will help flush out the toxins and waste from the body. The pink salt is more effective and proven to do a better job in detoxifying the body.

Treats various skin disorders: The pink salt works by drawing out the toxins that are trapped under the skin. These hidden toxins are one of the major causes of acne and spots. Himalayan salt is available as a soap bar in some markets. You can buy and use it to wash your face.

Repairs muscles and tissues: To purify the body and restore your health consider having a warm bath infused with Himalayan salt at least once a week. It helps in relaxing cramped muscles. The blood circulation increases and the salt dissolve the toxins out of the body. It is a healing therapeutic experience for mind and body. You can even throw the Himalayan pink salt in the bath tub and soak yourself in it for half an hour or so. The magnesium and some trace minerals found in this salt absorb through the skin to help heal damaged muscles and some soft tissues.

You can benefit from this water and salt solution by simply adding some lemon juice and drinking it every morning. The above given are a few of Himalayan pink salt benefits. Use it moderately. If you are under treatment for any ailment follow the above remedies after consulting your physician.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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