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Hibiscus Flower

Updated: February 21, 2015 6:45 am

Hibiscus is known as japa kusuma in Sanskrit and gudhal ka phool in Hindi. This is one of the most sought after flowering plants and we all grow hibiscus plants for its beautiful flowers. But most of us are ignorant of its medicinal uses which we can avail by just making tea or oil out of them.   The herb’s root leaves and flowers can be used to cure many of our ailments. Hibiscus flowers are found in various colours, shapes and sizes. The delicious hibiscus tea is full of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants which gives support to the immune system, helps with iron absorption, lowers the risk of chronic diseases, common cold and much more.


Beautiful Hair: Hibiscus flowers are crushed and juice is extracted. Equal amount of coconut oil or sesame oil is added and heated till the juice gets evaporated and the oil is left. Filter the oil when it gets cool and store in a bottle. On regular application to your scalp, the hair roots get strengthened and gives lustrous, black and smooth hair.

Cures oedema: Hibiscus tea contains rich anti-oxidants that help fight cancer and anti-ageing. It is healthy to consume hibiscus tea even if you are not ailing from any sickness. It also acts as preventive measure from cancer. Vitamin C in hibiscus helps in treating common cold, acne, boosts immunity, maintains the fluid balance in the body. Earlier, it was used as cure for excess water retention in the body and to cure oedema.

Reduces Fever: Crush one or two hibiscus flowers, add two cups of water, bring it to boil and reduced to one cup. Drinking this solution when luke warm, reduces fever, excessive heat in the body and heart ailments.

Heart ailments: Hibiscus is heart healthy and helps lower the cholesterol. The antioxidants in hibiscus tea are similar to that of red wine. These anti-oxidants help to get rid of free radicals from our body.

Grows new hair: For the bald head, this flower is a boon. Take single petalled red hibiscus flowers and urine of black cow, make paste. Applying this on bald head at regular intervals gives life to new hair roots. The same can be applied by those who have a patch of hair loss. This can even be applied by youngsters who face the problem of grey hair. After applying wait till it gets dry and then take bath with reetha or shikakakai. This will definitely turn the grey hair to black.

Ear discharge & infection: Crush the leaves of the hibiscus, add sesame oil, boil till you get the concentrated oil filter after cooling and then store in a bottle. This is a good remedy for ear infection with discharge and foul smell. Administer this oil three times a day three to four drops. The discharge and the foul smell both will be cured.

Blood pressure: Enjoy hibiscus tea to lower the risk of developing high BP or to protect yourself from more severe hypertension if your BP levels are already too high.

Burning sensation: Unbearable burning sensation in urine can be cured with the root of the herb. Take about 20g of the root, wash it and grind it with some goat’s milk to fine paste. Now put this in a cloth and squeeze it to get the juice. Add this to lukewarm goat’s milk and take twice a day.

Relief from blocked urine and stools: Take about 10g of hibiscus leaves add to ¼ litre of water and bring it to boil. Filter this concoction and drink while warm. Repeat this two to three times and you will definitely get relief.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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