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Hi-fi of Arab Muslims

Updated: October 17, 2015 9:00 am

FROM Rahul to Rehman, the communal conundrum continues. Even soft-brained Satiricus knows that the son of a Hindu mother and a Muslim father becomes a Muslim, but why did the son of a Muslim mother and a Hindu father have to abandon his father’s religion and embrace his mother’s religion? Oh, well, the complexities of conversion are beyond comprehension of this professional ignoramus. What is still less comprehensible for this unlettered pen-pusher is, if Hindu Dileep Kumar had to become Muslim Allah Rakha Rehman, why did he choose the poor percentage of Muslimness that he was accepting? Why else would the cent per cent Muslims of the Raza Academy so severely slam him for making music for an Iranian film on Prophet Mohammed?

In a Facebook statement AR Rehman has quoted verses from the Quran to explain his view of Islam and to defend his decision to work for the film. This is ridiculous to the point of being outrageous. An ex-Hindu quoting the Quran as if he understood it? This is impious to the point of being infantile. This dim-witted Dileep Kumar should have known that the Quran is in Arabic precisely because it is for Arabic—that is, authentic—Muslims, who still look upon Indian Muslims as second-class Muslims, while second-class Indian Sunni Muslims in turn look upon Indian Shia Muslims as third-class Muslims. In such a ‘classic’ situation the sensible thing for our Allah Rakha would be to convert—no, no, not from Muslim to Hindu, but from Shia Muslim to Sunni Muslim. That way the Raza Academy’s fatwa declaring him an “infidel” could be toned down to accept him as “less infidel”. Still, can Indian Muslims’ Islamic fidelity match hi-fi (high fidelity) of Arab Muslims? Satiricus does not know. He knows little Islam, and less Islamism.

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