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Herb Yarrow

Updated: June 29, 2017 2:54 pm

Yarrow, Achilea Millefolium, is a plant with rich background. It is an ancient herb of healing. Greek mythical character and the hero of Trojan War Achilles is believed to have carried this very plant to cure the wounds he suffered in the battlefield owing to its healing powers. The plant has fern like leaves and colourful flowers of red, white, pink, salmon and yellow.

Yarrow plant has been in use since ages to treat a number of health conditions.  It was only after the research confirmed its health benefits people came to know much about this plant.

Yarrow is distilled to produce an essential oil.  During the process compound azulene develops, which is not present in the actual herb.  This essential oil contains more of this powerful ant-inflammatory compound. It is often included in topical products for inflammatory skin problems like eczema.

With its blood clotting properties, yarrow is good for healing cuts and bruises. Yarrow essential oil is applied to the wounds to form a protective sheath to prevent the wound from being septic.   As it is a natural anti-septic, it can prevent wounds from getting infected.  That is why many healing ointments include yarrow essential oil as a key ingredient.


  • According to a study, the herb contains vasodilatory and bronchodilatory activities. They are able to lower high blood pressure, relax vessels and improve breathing.
  • Mild and regulated dosage of yarrow essential oil is also said to help in cases of hypertension. This oil has properties that help bring down the spikes in your blood pressure effectively without any side effect.
  • This plant’s bitter components encourage proper bile secretion from the gall bladder, which can then improve digestion and keep gallstones from forming.

  • For people who suffer from spasms, studies suggest that the yarrow essential oil can cure or help with such extreme contractions of their body and give enough respite to those who suffer from recurrent spasmodic attacks.
  • Yarrow essential oil is a natural expectorant. It helps with cold and cures phlegm. If a person is suffering from bad congestion, a few drops of this essential oil will help clear his respiratory tract within no time.
  • We all suffer from water retention at some time or the other. We can get rid of the toxins salts and excessive water from our body with the help of yarrow essential oil.

  • Yarrow essential oil is said to have soothing effects on the brain, nerves and muscles of the human body. Even those who suffer from depression and mood swings can benefit from this oil.
  • Apply yarrow essential oil to post-pregnancy scars or the scars left behind by acne, and within barely a few weeks your skin will be scar free.

  • For an occasional tummy ache or nagging cold, you can now look out for yarrow. It is available in the form of capsule, essential oil, dried herb, tinctures and ointments. Take advice of your physician about the dosage etc. before going for it.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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