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Herb Rosemary

Updated: August 26, 2016 2:06 pm

Rosemary is one of the most popular aromatic herbs used in cooking.  It is used either as fresh herb or as dry herb. It is said that marinating meat with rosemary before grilling can drastically reduce any carcinogens that normally would form on grilled meat.  Even charring vegetables on the grill can create different carcinogens.  So, the negative effect of charring applies to vegetables too. Rosemary is known as a wonder herb when it comes to health benefits.  It supports our body in many unique ways.

  •  Rosemary contains active ingredients that are potent antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory agents.  Rosmarinic acid is the main compound that gives rosemary its health promoting effects.
  •  It has long been known to improve concentration, boost memory and lift depression.  It stimulates the nervous system in brain while increasing the blood flow to the brain thereby strengthening the memory power.
  •  It is also known to be a stress buster.  It has been suggested that the smell of rosemary essence oils can actually reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels.  Those Nursing students who were exposed to rosemary oil scent before taking exams exhibited far less test anxiety.
  •  It is known for its energizing and uplifting stimulant qualities. It supports blood circulation.  The rosemarinic acid in rosemary relaxes the muscles in the intestines Proventil online and stimulates the bile production and protects the liver. The acid helps in digestion by stimulating the gall bladder to release bile.
  •  Rosemary fights cancer, protects body from harmful carcinogenic toxins and prevents a number of cancers like colon cancer, stomach, breast and lung cancers.
  •  Immune system is protected by the anti-oxidant compounds and rosemary contains significant amount of those powerful compounds including rosmarinic acid, caffeic acid, betulic acid and carnosol.
  •  Rosemary is highly effective for respiratory problems such as asthma, chest congestion and respiratory infections.
  •  The herb has excellent anti- inflammatory properties.  It is known to relieve asthma, eczema, arthritis, gout and other inflammatory conditions.
  •  Rosemary essence oil applied to skin can treat muscle pain arthritis reduces inflammation and improves circulation.
  •  Rosemary tea can be taken to get relief from headache.
  •  Rosemary contains anti-bacterial properties, especially powerful against infections.  Particularly against those infections in the stomach.  Rosemary has been shown to prevent the growth of very dangerous bacteria that can cause stomach ulcers.


  •  The Rosemary herb is well known for its anti-aging properties. The leaves of this herb can affect the skin internally or topically and has been shown to improve the quality of the skin.  It can heal the blemishes and increase the natural shine and hydrated appearance of the body.
  •  While you experience stress due to the cascading effect of the highly stimulating cortisol hormone, Rosemary herb can effectively lower the cortisol levels in the body.  It can calm adrenal fatigue while energizing your body.
  •  Excess cortisol has been linked to decreased learning and memory, increased weight gain, raised blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.  It has been found in a study that the treatment which combined inhaling the Rosemary essential oils with massages increased the strength of the immune system.

So, keeping the above factors in view try to include Rosemary in your diet often.

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