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Application of henna or mehandi is a sign of joy. During festivals and functions women make beautiful designs with this paste of henna leaves to make their hands and feet look colourful.

I can vouch henna is a boon for women. Especially for those who keep themselves busy and neglect to take care of their hands and feet. In addition to giving beauty to their hands these leaves take care of the minor bruises, cuts, fungus if any, cracks in the heels and other minor infections.

With the advent of beauty parlours, spas and beauty clinics, henna has become a commercial item. It is sold in powder form in the market and the authenticity of the leaves and items used in it are not known. You would be able to make your hands and feet look colourful but won’t be able to reap the real benefits of henna. So if you are going for dry powder, be sure of the ingredients used in it.

Benefits Of Henna


Henna as hair conditioner: Henna conditions and nourishes your hair, stops hair fall, cures dandruff, drying, premature greying of hair, prevents breakages of hair and repairs hair cuticles. Henna is applied to hair and left for considerable time for the colour to bind to the hair and then washed off.

Mouth ulcers: Add 10 to 15 leaves to a glass of water and boil on slow flame. When it is reduced to half glass, let it cool a little and then rinse mouth with this water for 5 to 10 minutes twice a day. However severe may be the ulcers you will definitely get relief.

Relief from Headache: Make thick paste of henna leaves, apply to the temples in thick layers and lie down calmly. By the time the henna dries up your headache vanishes.

Scabies, ring worm, skin diseases, itching etc.: Henna acts very well on skin. Mostly women who work in water bare foot and in farms etc. are prone to many skin diseases. Make paste of henna and apply on the affected area of the skin and wait till it is dried. If you do this daily, you are sure to get rid of your skin problems soon. During this treatment avoid eating brinjal and non-veg items.

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Nail treatment: Cracks and other infections in nails can be treated with henna. Grind fresh henna leaves to fine paste, apply this to nails before going to bed every night. When your nails look normal after few days, you can stop the treatment.

Burning sensation in feet: Henna is excellent cooling agent; hence it is applied to treat heat exhaustion. Make paste of henna leaves, gall nut and orange leaves and apply to get relief from foot inflammation.

Insomnia: Those who spend sleepless nights can get some henna flowers, keep them under the pillow and see how well it works.

Hard skin: Sometimes a boil or injury makes the skin in that area hardened. Apply henna paste regularly and see how the skin turns to smooth and normal.

It is advised that one should use only fresh leaves rather than purchasing readymade powders which may contain chemicals that lead to negative reactions.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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