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Helpless On A Bihar State Highway

Updated: June 20, 2015 3:45 pm

We went through varied feelings, of bewilderment, anger, desperation,frustration and finally helplessness made one accept the reality that in the State sab chalta hai. All this we learnt by the time we completed a journey of 45 kms which took three and half hour. The first shock was seeing an endless row of trucks and trucks on two lanes of three lane road. On the third lane a constant test of drivers of cars coming from opposite directions. In all this chaos not a single policeman was visible. It seems we were on a god forsaken road let the fittest survive. Later one learnt that a day before Nitish Kumar, the chief minister, and Lalu Prasad Yadav had addressed a meeting because of which movemet of trucks was stopped. But no one seemed to have bothred about the following day when hundreds of trucks would try to move. This was democracy, Bihari style. But once we were able to live through such a chaotic condition in first 90 minutes, we felt the rest of the journey will be smooth. But we were wrong. After about half an hour we got into another mini-jam, in a bazaar where the road was narrow. But we were able to move slowly. Our pace must have annoyed the driver of a tractor, who hit the car at the back with considerable force. The damage was worth at least Rs20000. Naturally one got down to get details from the tractor driver. This turned out to be frustrating. The driver smugly told us, he had no licence because he was under-age. Then when we asked for tractor’s papers, the driver told us with nonchalance that the tractor was not registered. Helpfully, he further told us that most tractors in his area were not registered. What about the police, don’t they trouble? The question amused the driver. He chuckled. What police! Hamare malik, ek MLA shahab ke chacha hai. Daroga sahib mehrban hai. By now frustration and helplessness had taken over. We returned to the car and drove towards our destination. We were in the land of the Mauryas, Buddha, the powerful and the Enlightened. If their heritage could not do anything, who were we¦.Hapless on Bihar State Highway.

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