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Hello Honey Bunny

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The US-based Playboy Club’s plan to open a club in Goa’s Candolim beach has hit a hurdle after the local BJP MLA Michael Lobo threatened to go on a hunger strike. He questioned the state government, saying that permitting the club would mean endorsement of prostitution.

The club is expected to take shape on a property owned by former Congress legislator Angelo Fernandes, who says that it will give the sagging tourist trade a fillip. On their side, Playboy has submitted an affidavit asserting that there will be no vulgarity. It will surely set a new trend to have the playboy bunnies fully dressed up. Like the cheer leaders in the IPL and the McAloo Tiki Burger by MacDonald’s, foreign brands will now have to adapt to Indian customs.

If You Have It, Show It

A shirt of gold, that is what 32-year-old Datta Phuge from Pune has got stitched for himself. This millionaire money lender engaged a team of 15 goldsmiths to make a shirt out of 22 karat gold. Weighing over three kilograms the shirt cost him a cool Rs 1.25 crore. The shirt was assembled on a fabric base of imported white velvet, and comes with six Swarovski crystal buttons and a gold belt.

The icing in the cake is the fact that Phuge calls himself a simple man. “People buy cars and holidays abroad,” he said, “for me, gold is the ultimate passion. That is the reason I have spent a whopping amount of money on the shirt.”

Ground Beneath The Feet Is Shaky

In the 2009 polls, Andhra Pradesh had sent 33 Congress MP’s, the largest contingent among all the states. Today it is an anathema in the state. The Telangana imbroglio has cost the party heavily and it will have to pay the price in the next elections.

The extent of the disdain is evident from the fact that in the last four years neither Sonia nor Rahul Gandhi has addressed a single public meeting in the state. The AICC observer Amar Kale was sent by Rahul for a appraisal of the prospects before the polls. The party’s rank and file is totally demoralised and the leadership confused. Once the stronghold of the Congress, in Andhra pradesh, the Party chances are bleak unless the high command takes a positive decision on the Telangana statehood issue.


Dr. Navjot Kaur Sidhu, wife of three timesBJP MP Navjot Singh Sidhu has alleged that her husband has been “sidelined” by his party. Navjot Kaur has also said that her husband is having a tough time in politics as a BJP MP because he is being pressured to support corruption.

Navjot Kaur’s Facebook post read, “How can you let an honest leader survive? One who does not believe in corruption, does not support criminals, does not become party to commission system, what good can he do to the party? So, finally you decide up to push him aside, make him feel suffocated in the system.”

Ever since he has last got elected, Sidhu has been seen only in the cricketing circuit. The guffawing Sardar does not even appear in Parliament and was not very happy with the post he was given in Rajnath’s new team. However, later BJP president Rajnath Singh stepped in to pacify sulking party MP Navjot Singh Sidhu. Singh spoke to Sidhu and assured him of looking into his grievances, sources close to the BJP president said. The Amristar MP will meet Singh in New Delhi after the ongoing IPL cricket tournament gets over, they said.

Train To The North-East

Land-locked Meghalaya will soon get a railway station. The first station will soon be inaugurated at Mendipathar in the North Garo Hills. The line will soon be extended to Byrnihat and the State capital of Shillong.

The lack of rail connectivity to Meghalaya in the last few decades has been a factor of for Meghalaya’s underdevelopment. Chief Minister Mukul Sangma has emphasised the need for the railways as it was a cheaper mode of transport in the land-locked state and would make essential commodities affordable to the people. It will change the socio-economic life of the people of the state.

There was opposition from several quarters against the project. The Khasi Students Union expressed its fear on the influx of migrants and illegal immigrants which could affect the demographic profile and the identity of the tribals in the state.

“There is legal and constitutional requirement for putting the [death penalty] case beyond all reasonable doubt. This was clearly not done in the case of Bhullar.”

—Parkash Singh Badal

Chief Minister, Punjab


Yeddyurappa Muslim Magnanimity

Former Karnataka chief minister B S Yeddyurappa has released the manifesto of his Karnataka Janata Party where he has promised sops to the minorities. He has promised a special development budget of Rs 2,000 crore for Muslims and Rs 250 crore for Christians. The party would ensure basic amenities and self-employment for them.

Yeddyurappa has also announced a slew of other promises for farmers, women and students, but what sticks out as a sore thumb is his new-found love for the minorities. The BJP and the Congress would have a tough time to match him. It seems, that through his manifesto, he has hit back at the BJP. It will not be surprising if he also uses the anti-secular card against his previous party.


The Politics Of Surrender

The Ministry of Home Affairs has sent a letter to the Naxalite affected states for enhancing the cash rewards for surrendering Maoists. Even though the scheme has been in place for the last few years, it has not proven effective and few ultras have surrendered. In a renewed effort to encourage the Maoists to lay down arms, the MHA has announced an immediate grant of Rs 2.50 lakh for all senior Maoist leaders who are politburo and central committee members. Rs 1.5 lakh will be given to area and zonal commanders if they surrender their arms. A monthly stipend of Rs 2000 to Rs 3500 for each surrendered ultra has been announced. There shall be a cash incentive for the surrendered arms too. Surrendering a light machine gun will fetch the ultra Rs 35,000, an AK-47 or AK-56 will fetch Rs 25000. Even surrender of country pistols will get them Rs 10,000.

The government has also instructed the states to provide free legal help to the surrendered Maoists.


RBI’s Red Light Strategy

The commercial sex workers of Sonagachi in Kolkata are being given training to identify fake currency notes. The police stations in the red light areas had seen a steep rise in the reporting of counterfeit currency. The shady business of the brothels is usually conducted under dimmed lights, in the small cubicles, and customers take advantage of this and slip fake currency. The sex workers have confirmed that only first time customers have given these notes. They only come to know of it when they go to deposit the amounts in the USHA Bank, set up for their benefit.

The sex workers have confirmed that most of these notes were given by Bangladeshi customers. The Special Task Force of Kolkata Police has earlier arrested several Bangladesh nationals with fake notes. The once an week training is being given by a NGO and has proved effective as the sex workers have already caught five such persons and handed them over to the police.

Mercurial Mamata And Her Merry Men

Didi prefers traveling cattle class. On the trip which she took to Delhi where hell broke loose, Mamata was traveling economy as usual. To their utter discomfort, three other party colleagues found themselves in the same flight, but with business class tickets.

Dinesh Trivedi was fast on the draw and quickly exchanged his seat with another passenger traveling in economy class. His other two colleagues were however unable to do so, they even requested the crew for helping them in the swap, but to no avail.

There is an unwritten diktat in the Trinamool Congress against ostentation and luxury, which is followed more in letter than in spirit. So uncomfortable were the trio, that not a single world was exchanged among themselves. On reaching Delhi, they remained glues to their seats until Mamata had alighted and then scurried off.

Haunted Houses

The two present-day parliamentarians and ex-divas of Bollywood see eye to eye on at least one issue. Jaya Bachchan and Rekha have both refused the accommodation to be provided to them because of the jinx attached to them. Jaya was allotted the Bungalow No AB-13 on Mathura Road, but as the number is inauspicious, she has refused to move in.

Rekha too has been allotted a bungalow at 5, Tughlak Road, but has refused to take it as the previous two occupants had died in accidents. The earlier occupant Saheb Singh Verma was killed in a car accident in 2007 while Bansilal’s son Surender Singh died in a chopper crash in 2005. Incidentally it is the same bungalow which was offered to Sachin Tendulkar, who too had refused it, saying that he preferred to stay in hotels during his scant appearances in Parliament. The government should demolish these two sprawling properties and use the valuable space for more appropriate causes.

The present situation in West Bengal is worse than the days of the Emergency. After recent developments, most of the party leaders agree that in their political careers they have never witnessed such incidents.

—Biman Bose

West Bengal State Secretary, CPM



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