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Healthy Way To Eat Fruits

Updated: August 31, 2013 4:08 pm

Undoubtedly, by eating fruits and vegetables available in nature, one can maintain a good health. They contain all the nutrients that are required for our body. They are like a tonic that gives us strength, immunity, disease free life and even increases the lifespan . They contain natural vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. It is better to eat fruits to increase the level of vitamins in the body naturally rather than taking vitamin tablets. Make five fruits pieces per day as an essential part of your diet. However, fruits should be taken in limited quantity. It is not healthy to eat fruits as and when you like it.

Let us know when, how much and how to take fruits.

When to eat Fruits: If there are fruits in the home, we grab one and eat whenever we feel like. But experts say this is not good. Fruits should be taken in the morning after having a glass of water. If you take fruits on an empty stomach, this will help in the detoxification of the body. Moreover, you can get the benefit of all the nutrients as well as vitamins. If you take fruits for breakfast they help to speed up the digestive system and help to raise the low blood sugar levels gradually. You can have them as snack before your workouts. They maintain the energy levels in your body and you will not feel your stomach bloated and heavy. You will be able to exercise with proper insulin levels in the body. Along with your meal or one hour before, it is good to have fruits. This will help in the absorbtion of vitamin C and the pectin fibres spreads in the body completely and also helps in the control of cholesterol in the body. If you take fruits as soon as you have your meal then the fructose slows down its process of digestion. The rest of the fructose remains in the digestive system and creates organic acid and bloats the stomach which leads to dysentery. If you are not suffering from indigestion or acidity, you can take fruits along with curd.


How to take fruits: Pineapple, apple, orange, watermelon, pomegranate, berries and dry fruits can be had with curd if you like. Usually fruits get digested faster than the cooked food. As far as possible, fruits should not be taken along with cooked food. If you take fruits as soon as you finish your meal, they will not be digested properly. The nutrients in the fruits cannot be absorbed by the digestive system. There should be a gap of at least an hour between the meal and the fruit. For a normal person one hour before food and for those with the complaints of acidity and diabetes, two hours after the meal is the ideal time for fruits to be taken. There are digestive problems associated with diabetes.

For those who want to reduce their weight, fruits acts like an alternate diet. In every season we get a variety of fruits. It is very appropriate to eat the seasonal fruits and drink the juice. This not only keeps one healthy but also helps to reduce those extra pounds. By following the proper method of eating fruits one can even be protected from cancer. They are a remedy for greying of hair, dark circles under the eyes, keeping weight under control and improving skin texture.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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