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Health Benefits Of Prickly Chaff (Chit Chita Or Latjeera)

Updated: April 7, 2012 1:01 pm

There are many herbs and plants with medicinal values that are very useful in our day-to-day life. Prickly Chaff (English)/Chit Chita or Latjeera known in Hindi is one such plant. As we walk sideways on road its thorns stick to our cloths making us aware of its presence. Unaware of its medicinal benefits we tend to ignore it. Ayurveda doctors have done a lot of research on this and have prepared various medicines using this herb. Let us know how useful the thorny plant is.

These are some benefits of this plant

■    Inhaling infusion of this plant gives instant relief from cough and cold.

■    Owing to its analgesic properties it gives relief from fever. Mix 100g of leaves dried and powdered, 100g of pepper roasted and powdered, 100g of garlic juice and make small round balls as the size of the neem fruit and dry them in shade. Have it once in the morning and evening along with water to get relief from fever.

■    For those suffering from anemia this plant is like Kalpa Vriksha. Wash the root of this plant thoroughly grind it and add to buttermilk. Drinking this increases blood circulation in the body. It also gives strength to heart and kidneys and makes a person energetic. Anemia can also be treated by taking 10 gm of root extract along with one cup of cow’s buttermilk. This also improves digestive system, enhances blood circulation and gives glow to the skin.

■    Make powder of the leaves of this plant and store it in a jar to use it for urinary tract infections, digestive disorders.

■    According to Dr Elchuri excess fat can be removed by Chit Chita plant. Take 100g juice by crushing the leaves of the plant and add 100g of Til (Sesame) oil to it and boil on low flame till all the juice is absorbed in the oil. Let it cool and store in a bottle. Warm little oil and apply wherever fat has accumulated one hour before taking bath. This oil not only penetrates into the skin and burns the excess fat but also gives relief from all the skin problems.

■    Make powder of 100 gm of seeds of this plant and add 10 gm of salt to it and store in a bottle. Brushing teeth with this powder makes the teeth stronger, stops tooth decay, whitens the teeth and kills worms in the teeth.

■    One can get relief from Asthma by inhaling the smoke of this roots powder or seeds powder.

■    Dry the whole plant and roast it to make fine powder. Mix it with double the amount of misri (sugar candy) powder and store it. Take ½ teaspoon of it three times a day to get relief from phlegm, breathlessness, cough, heaving etc. For children administer only one pinch of it three times.

■    To get relief from bleeding piles take 50 gm of red Chit Chita leaves extract and mix it with 50 gm of cow ghee.

■    This plant even helps pregnant women whose children die immediately after birth. Take the leaves of Chit Chita plant and the roots of Saha Devi tree and pepper (equally), grind them and make round balls of the size of pepper and dry in shade. Right from the conception one tablet should be taken daily twice. This not only saves children but also gives healthy and good-looking children. Precaution should be taken while taking the dosage as excess of it induces abortion.

■    After effects of dog bite can be eliminated by taking 2 gm of juice of the leaves of this plant mixed with 20 gm of honey, two times a day.

■    Grind leaves and roots of the plant in equal quantity and make powder. Add equal amount of sugar candy powder (misri) and store in a glass bottle. Take three pinches with water one hour before food. With that the uterus gets cleaned, periods get regularised, skin glows and new blood is generated.

■    For relief from enlargement of spleen and bulging of stomach take the whole plant, dry it, after cleaning make powder by burning it. Add rock salt, dry ginger (sonth), long pepper (pippal) and pepper, roast and powder it in equal proportions and mix them. Take ½ tea spoon of this powder along with a spoon of honey daily.

So, next time when you see these plants make sure to pull it up and bring home so that you can use it for one of the above benefits.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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