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Health Benefits Of Mango Tree

Updated: March 21, 2015 2:04 pm

Mango tree is a boon given to us by nature. Let alone the delicious mangoes, the leaves and the bark also play an important role in our lives. We use the leaves of this tree on all auspicious occasions. It is just because the air that comes through these leaves purifies the area and keeps free of any germs and bacteria. One of the main reasons our forefathers would use this during marriages and public functions was to take a precautionary measure to prevent any virus contaminating the air around.


  • Mango seed boosts blood circulation and thus reduces bad cholesterol levels. This indirectly helps to reduce blood sugar levels and reactive protein levels.
  • Brushing teeth with mango twigs will make your gums strong. Boil two mango leaves in a glass of water till it is reduced to half to glass and rinse your mouth with this water to get relief from pain in gums, swelling and mouth ulcers.main_teeth_0
  • Moderate consumption of mango seed minimises the risk of cardio vascular disease and hypertension.
  • Take out the stem from the centre of mango leaf and burn it. Mix this ash with water and apply this paste to remove the acne on eyelids.
  • Take a small piece from the trunk of the plant and rub it on hard surface with little water to get fine paste. Apply this to your temples to get relief from partial headache.Sandalwood-Face-Pack
  • Take a small piece from the trunk of mango tree, pomegranate tree, and neem tree, make powder and add little harad (haritaki) powder and store it. Daily before taking bath take little powder add little water and apply to your body. This scrub is good to exfoliate the skin and removes black heads. It is gentle enough for daily use.
  • Mango seed oil is a source of essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. You can even extract the oil at home. Take out the outer cover of the seed, mix it with sesame or coconut oil in a glass jar and keep in the sun for a week. This can be applied to your hair to avoid hair fall or grey hair.
  • Dry the mango flowers in shade make powder and add triphala powder. Take all of them in equal quantity and add four times water, mix well and keep it aside for two days. Boil this until it turns to half, filter it add equal amount of sesame oil and boil again till the water is evaporated and only the oil is left. Filter this oil and store in a bottle. Use this as hair oil daily to get beautiful, black, long, lustrous hair.woman dyeing brown hairs
  • Diarrhea can be cured with the bark of this tree. Grind a piece of bark with curds to a paste and apply it around the naval. It works better than medicines and puts a stop to the problem.
  • To stop blood in motion along with stomach pain, grind the seed of mango and add half tea spoon or about 5 gm to a cup of buttermilk and give twice a day. This will definitely give relief.
  • Mango seed oil is an excellent moisturizer and very good for dry skin.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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