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Has Time Come For Projection Of Modi As PM?

Updated: February 2, 2013 10:45 am

While entire world including India is facing severe recession, Gujarat’s growth story is not only impressing industrial tycoons of our country but the entire globe. Narendra Modi, the mass leader of unstoppable victory in Gujarat Assembly, proved that he has capacity to rise in adversity whether it is politically or economically. Modi who always come up with new ideas has successfully organised 6th edition of Vibrant Gujarat global investors’ summit. Many other state governments follow him and now open red carpets for industrialists. After winning assembly election, Modi has become larger than life. Congress has accepted him as main political rival against Rahul Gandhi for General Election- 2014. He is the only leader in opposition party who can single-handedly fight against Congress and Gandhi family.

His relations with all major industrialists are not only good but he has capacity to assemble all of them on one platform. He has created an atmosphere that anyone who wanted to invest in Gujarat are always welcomed and investors get all clearances within couple of days. He is not only mastermind in political sector but on front of development also.

Anil Ambani compares him with Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel, Mukesh Ambani called Modi “a leader with grand vision”. From Ratan Tata to Chanda Kochhar hail Narendra Modi. Modi rightly says: “Once upon a time, Gujarat was the gateway to the globe from India. Now it is becoming the global gateway to India.”

In 6th edition of Vibrant Summit, new areas like knowledge sharing, technology and innovation, R&D and SMEs were included for not only financial returns but also for injecting positivity into the economic environment. Ministers and ambassadors of various countries, including Japan and Canada, who’s who of India Inc and delegates from 120 nations and several Indian states not only participated in this mega event but were impressed with the way of state government—how hurdles are removed for investors, welcoming them through red carpet not red tap like other states.

United States still dislikes Modi and is not giving him visa but what President of US-India Business Council Mr. Ron Somers has to say is interesting. He said in investors summit, “ In 2001, the CM began his innings and in 2013, the progress of Gujarat is stunning. It has set a new benchmark not only in India but across other countries. Narendra Modi has shown progress as Gujarat has achieved double-digit growth because of stability and sustainability.” The UK, Germany and European countries are taking a keen interest in Gujarat, which is a big achievement for Narendra Modi.

Modi is main rival of Congress and Congress is feeling discomfort with Modi’s success. Congress spokesperson Sandeep Dikshit reacts: “This is nothing out of the ordinary. Vibrant Gujarat is an investment summit. Whenever such a summit happens in a state, almost all chief ministers are praised in glowing terms by industrialists.” It is true Mr Dikshit but why are other state governments, particularly Congress-ruled states not able to organise this type of events? Maruti Suzuki had to shift Gujarat due to uncomfortable industrial atmosphere in Manesar of Gurgaon district.

Gujarat is one of the least unemployed states; it contributes 72 per cent to the nation’s total job creation. Modi also emphasises skill development and growth of small and medium enterprises in Gujarat. His new initiatives would create more than three million additional jobs in Gujarat. Ms. Chanda Kochhar, MD & CEO, ICICI Bank, says: “The Vibrant Gujarat Summit has become an institution in itself. Gujarat is not just the fastest-growing state in the country but also one of the fastest-growing regions of the world.”

Gujarat, under the leadership of Modi, has achieved remarkable progress in all sectors. Even law and order situation is far better than that in the rest of country.

Why Narendra Modi is accepted by people of country is because he delivers results and implement developmental programmes/schemes successfully which citizens of Gujarat desire from him. While industrialists, intellectuals, people of country see him as Prime Minister for General Election of 2014, one fails to understand why BJP hesitates to project him as PM. If BJP misses out this opportunity then there will be no option but to choose UPA again. Time has come for BJP to project Narendra Modi as PM.

 By Madhuri Shukla from Ahmedabad


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