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Guwahati Musings

Updated: January 29, 2011 1:54 pm

The BJP recently held its national executive in Guwahati from January 8 to January 9. This is the first time the party held its conclave in the northeast on the eve of the forthcoming assembly elections in Assam. The venue of the conclave was Hotel Brahmaputra that had a saffron look for two days, showcasing the art, culture and cuisine from the northeast, to welcome the delegates from every state. The Captain of the team BJP Nitin Gadkari was cheerful with his unusual neta dress—western style court pants—and was greeted by the northeast delegates with traditional Assam cap called jaapi and gamcha. BJP’s look-east policy during Vajpayee Government was followed by Nitin Gadkari to concentrate on look northeast to strengthen the party and form the government. The immediate target before the party is to increase its present strength of ten MLAs in Assam. And it was quite visible if one looked at the massive public rally of NDA, where nearly 20 thousand people from different corners, attended the rally with much enthusiasm. Gadkari seemed to have sincerely and systematically carried the cadres, established discipline among the leaders and slowly taken the control of the party to a great extent without being dwarfed by the towering presence of senior leader LK Advani in the party. Party’s grand success in Bihar has put the cadres in an upbeat mood and Nitin Gadkari got a right political environment inside and outside the party to prove his leadership. He has put the BJP house in order and there is a reality not myth that now the senior BJP leaders in Delhi are all following the administration of the party president on all occasions. It was also observed in the Guwahati conclave that the party was united to discuss and sort out the issues of internal affairs or finalising political agendas.

                In Guwahati party Chief Nitin Gadkari remembered the prophetic words of Atal Behari Vajpayee, who had promised, thirty years ago, standing on the banks of the Arabian sea in Mumbai, the end of darkness, rising of the sun and blossoming of the lotus. Borrowing Vajpayee’s inspiring words Gadkari proclaimed: “Andhera Chhatega, Suraj Nikalega, Kamal Khilega.”

                BJP Chief was quite categorical about the burning issue of the northeast and emphasised that the BJP and the entire ideological movement has always stood for the cause of fighting the menace of silent invasion in Assam. While paying homage to those who sacrificed their lives in this struggle, reiterated that no power on the earth he could prevent us from detecting, deleting and deporting all those infiltrators who have encroached upon the blue hills and green valleys of this beautiful land. He said, “Like in Bihar I am sure in Assam too, people will give us a mandate for both Suraksha and Suraj. I earnestly appeal to the people of Assam to give BJP a chance. Let me assure them that if we are given an opportunity, our government will not only prevent any further infiltration resolutely but also drive away all those who are not citizens of India and are staying here illegally.” Gadkari had a detail plan for the development of northeast region.

  1. BJP has set up a Group of Policy Researchers and Experts to prepare a North-East India 2025 Vision Document. Work has already started on this project and hopefully we will be able to release this Draft Vision Document by end of February 2011.
  2. At the Party level, it has established an independent North-East Sampark Cell and through this it will be setting up informal Help-Centre mechanisms in some metro cities where students from this region are studying in large number.

                The BJP believes that the hunger for development of northeast region has not been given due importance by the UPA and all other Congress governments at the centre earlier. Ad hoc approach and short-term solutions have always been the order of the day. It has been BJP’s conviction that fast pace of development of this region through good governance will facilitate greater interaction of the people here with people from other parts of the country and all this will result in stronger emotional bondage.

                Nitin Gadkari gave a hard hit to the recent revelations in the case of Bofors that have served the purpose of vested interests, rapping the UPA that one can never fool all the people all the time. He challenged, “Now that the revenue establishment has conclusively established that kickbacks were given and received, if this government is serious about probity and accountability, it should move the Supreme Court to have a Special Investigation Team (SIT) appointed forthwith. Sermons, declaration of multi-point programmes, and empty appeals to political functionaries who are your own appointees will make no impact. What is required is a series of credible measures starting with a firm commitment to punishing the guilty. The rule of law is unambiguous. With prima facie evidence in hand, the law enforcing agencies must file an FIR. They have to arrest and interrogate the suspect, collect evidence and file charge sheet within a stipulated time frame.” No body knows as to why this has not happened, he said in his presidential speech.

                In a political resolution at the Guwahati conclave the BJP was of the opinion that people are highly disappointed by UPA-2’s lackluster performance. The BJP resolved, to fight corruption tooth and nail. He states, “To restore hope back to the people, the BJP shall rise to serve as the nucleus of this effort. We are a party born out of a struggle, not very long ago. People, groups, civil society organisations and parties wishing to energise this ‘clean India of corruption’ effort should come together. Together, we should extricate this glorious nation from the Congress culture of corruption, greed and loot. Ill- gotten wealth should be brought back from all tax havens wherever in the world. Political will and national interest is required for this unenviable task.”

                In this disconcerting political environment, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s National Executive resolved to hold rallies at various places across the length and breadth of this country in order to draw people’s attention to the rampant corruption of the Congress party. To help consolidate the vibrant internet community in order to build awareness on the corruption malice; and work as pressure groups in institutions around the world to contain the corruption menace. To highlight the failures of the government in addressing the issues facing the common man—primarily the failure to control food prices. To seek legal recourse to justice—for getting the nation looters punished and to get back the ill-gotten wealth from the various tax havens abroad.

                Charging UPA government Gadkari said, “The Congress had promised a Government that works. Today the UPA has given us is a government that always shirks it responsibility. The Manmohan Singh government has made an all time record of indulgence in corruption, scams and scandals, of diverse nature simultaneously. This loot of public money is not confined to Delhi alone. Here is Assam also the state government has several scandals hurting the people. We have to fight against these tendencies and awaken the masses and tell them about the truth of Bofors, of Commonwealth games, of Adarsh Society and also the 2G spectrum.”

                The party adopted three resolutions at the executive: one on corruption, second on the situation in Assam and the Northeast and the third on Telangana.

By Our Correspondent

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